Why do Black and White Photos have More Impact than Color Photos?

Gary Zeng | Nov 24, 20


In the post-processing of photos, the photographer will usually adjust the color, texture and other factors of the photos. Among them, the "black and white" effect of the photo, mainly aimed at the color of the picture.

Gary Zeng | Nov 17, 20
5 Useful Tips for Stage Photography

The stage lights are constantly changing, flickering on and off, actors moving quickly, and photographers have to adjust the aperture and shutter speed all the time, but sometimes they still shoot a lot of useless pictures, few worth keeping. How to get better stage shots?

Daisy Dai | Nov 13, 20
Beginner's Guide - How to Protect Your Camera

Whether it is a card camera or a professional SLR, it is a very delicate digital product. We cannot treat them like disposable film cameras. In fact, proper maintenance can give digital cameras and lenses a longer service life. In order to better protect these expensive products, let's learn about camera protection together.

Gary Zeng | Nov 12, 20
Street Photography Tips: Camera and Lens

Unlike portrait photography and landscape photography, street photography doesn't seem to have high quality requirements, but that doesn't mean that poor quality is acceptable. Street photography does not have high requirements for picture quality, but to shoot well, you should choose a relatively appropriate camera or lens within the scope of your subject.

Daisy Dai | Nov 10, 20
Camera Lens Filters that Beginners Should Know
As a beginner, you may not know that the camera has a variety of filters, each of which has a different purpose. But they also have something in common, which is to help photographers take better photos and protect the camera lens. Using filters can enhance colors, reduce light reflection, and overcome some extremely difficult lighting environments. So what are the specific functions of each lens, continue to look down
Gary Zeng | Nov 10, 20
PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox series X, Who is Worth to Buy?

On November 8, SONY officially announced that the latest PlayStation 5 will be released on November 12. According to GameSpot, it is confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will have more than 650GB capacity.

Daisy Dai | Nov 05, 20
Top 10 Mobile Phone Photography Tips You Should Know
The camera performance of smart phones is now getting stronger and stronger, and some have even surpassed card cameras. Although taking pictures with a mobile phone is very simple, there is not a lot of knowledge. This is why some people can use their mobile phones to take first-rate photos, while some people only take headshots. Today I will tell you the skills of mobile photography, I hope it will be helpful to you.