Family Photo Ideas

Gary Zeng | Nov 04, 20


There are no too many things more fun and exciting than planning a family photo. Choosing costumes, locations, themes, props... All these little details will make your family photos stand out. Are you ready to have a family portrait? Have you thought about the pose and composition of your photos? Have you decided how to manage the photos? Check out these family photo ideas for inspiration for your next family shoot!

Daisy Dai | Nov 03, 20
10 Practical Photography Composition Rules (For Beginners)
Nowadays, mobile phones and cameras have lower and lower requirements for photographers, and they can shoot as long as they press the shutter. But if you want to add your own thoughts to your photos, it is also very important to learn a certain amount of photography knowledge.
Gary Zeng | Nov 02, 20
5 Photo Organizing Solutions for Seniors

In today's society, the population of old people is growing rapidly. According to the open data, there are 54 millions Americans is over 65, it is estimate that by the time 2040, there will be one in five Americans over 65 years old, the lives of the elderly are in dire need of attention and care. For the old people, I heard from my grandparents, that their most cherished things is those photos all about their childhood, families, lover and kids, so I decided to write this article to share 5 photo organizing solutions for seniors to help them better keeping those cherished photos.

Daisy Dai | Oct 30, 20
How to Use Camera Flash?
For many novice photographers, the purpose of the flash is to increase the brightness in an environment where the light is not bright enough.However, the role of flash is far from filling the light. It can also provide a controlled light source, allowing you to create the effect and atmosphere of the photo through the light.Before we get to the basics of how to use a flash, this article will give you the basics: Flash mode (M, A, TTL).
Gary Zeng | Oct 30, 20
Can RX 6000 Beat RTX 3000?

AMD officially held its RX6000 graphics card launch event on 28th. AMD followers had long been waiting for the unveiling of the RDNA2 graphics card. The performance of the new card is very explosive, and the official PPT shows that the new card is even better than the rival products, and the price is very competitive and cost effective. In addition to performance and price, AMD also announced a number of new technology, full of real stuffs. Now, let's take a look at the details of the event.

Daisy Dai | Oct 28, 20
Lenses for Smartphones, Which is the Best?
Nowadays, mobile phone shooting technology is becoming more and more powerful, we basically rely on mobile phones to take pictures when we travel, whether it's nature or portraits. However, in different shooting environments also need to have different lens effects to match in order to take good-looking photos.
Gary Zeng | Oct 27, 20
Halloween Photography Ideas
Halloween is coming up in a few days, I wonder if you will hang out at night? The subject of Halloween is very rich, jack-o '-lanterns, costumes, children and so on, they are all about color and fun, and composition is important when shooting these scenes amid chaos!