How to Make a Photo Slideshow on PowerPoint

Daisy Dai | Jan 08, 21


Nowadays, simple photos can no longer meet people's needs. Many people like to make photos into slideshow videos. Especially during a trip, photos taken at a party are most suitable for making a slideshow. It's like telling a story. So how to make a video slideshow, today I will introduce you the most traditional method: use PowerPoint to make. I will also share with you the easiest way to use Fotosifter. Let's take a look.
Gary Zeng | Jan 08, 21
3 Easy Steps to Make your Android Faster

Happy New Year! People always do a lot of cleaning, tidying up and things like that, just to make ourselves feel more comfortable in the situation we are in. Productivity and thinking can be improved in a clean, organized environment, and even the most hated tasks can be a little adorable in such a space. With everything around you like this, what about your Android phone? We use our phones for a lot of things these days, we can also tidy up our Android phones to increase android's performance.

Daisy Dai | Jan 07, 21
Top 4 Best Slideshow Maker for Beginners
In ordinary work and study, we will be exposed to slideshow. A wonderful slideshow video can make others remember you faster and quickly understand your abilities, which is very valuable. And the slideshow have the characteristics of vividness and combination of pictures and texts, which can make the content we want to express more vivid and concrete. So what are some useful slideshow making software? Here are some softwares that can be used by beginners.
Daisy Dai | Dec 31, 20
3 Effective Ways to Create a Heart Collage

Nowadays, simple picture splicing can no longer meet people's needs, and everyone has begun to pursue various picture shapes. Some people like simple squares, and some people like more personalized heart-shaped collages. Publishing such a special image shape on social networking sites may double your number of likes. So how to make a heart-shaped picture, this article will introduce three methods to everyone, let's take a look.

Daisy Dai | Dec 22, 20
How to Make a Unique Christmas Tree
On the eve of Christmas day on December 25th, people will use "Christmas colors" (red, white, green) to decorate their little homes, including Christmas trees, Christmas candles, Christmas flowers and all kinds of interesting Christmas decorations are one of the things that cannot be missed at Christmas, and every household must spend some effort to mobilize the whole family to decorate the home with a festive atmosphere. Here are some very good Christmas decoration ideas for reference, I hope you can be inspired by them.
Daisy Dai | Dec 18, 20
8 Essential Songs in the Christmas Playlist
Christmas songs are an important part of Christmas. Nowadays, many countries like to spend Christmas because they like the warm atmosphere of Christmas, and it is Christmas songs that bring us the joyful holiday atmosphere. The exquisite decoration and sweet aroma of chocolate are perfect with Christmas songs. Everyone has their favorite Christmas songs in their playlist, but the following 8 songs are essential, so collect them.
Daisy Dai | Dec 09, 20
12 Interesting Christmas Photography Ideas
Christmas is coming soon. Every time at this time, the home and the street will be very lively, with Christmas trees and colorful lights everywhere. Although affected by the epidemic this year, many outdoor activities cannot be held, but you still have to spend a warm and happy Christmas with your family. Taking pictures at this time is definitely indispensable. This article will teach you some Christmas photography ideas, I hope it will come in handy.