3 Ways to Remove Watermarks from Photos

Daisy Dai | Dec 03, 20


Downloaded from the network down a lot of pictures will contain a watermark logo and other marks. What should I do if I need to remove the watermark when using these pictures? General picture editing tools can also remove the watermark, but the professional requirements are relatively high, otherwise the watermark removal is not perfect, and it will also affect the beauty of the entire photo. Is there any way to easily remove the watermark without affecting the beauty of the photo?
Gary Zeng | Dec 01, 20
How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

Do you struggle with teeth that is look yellow and black in photos? To keep your teeth in a good condition, you should keep a healthy diet first. But it takes a long time to see the benefits brought by a good diet for your teeth, so if you want to whiten teeth in a fast way, Photoshop it can be a good solution.

Daisy Dai | Nov 25, 20
3 Effective Ways to Back up Your Camera Photos
It is easy to find a good camera nowadays, but it is difficult to take a good picture. What worries us most is the safety of these photos, such as damage, loss or accidental deletion. Each photographer may have been lost pictures, so regular backups of photos becomes a very important thing. So what are some good ways to help us back up photos? This article will share 3 effective solutions for everyone.
Gary Zeng | Nov 20, 20
How to Make Minimalist Photography Art

Minimalist photography became popular many years ago and has stayed with us for a long time. It is welcomed for a couple of reasons. First, the picture was clean and there were no extra distractions to distract the viewer. While the minimalist elements also simplifies the color on another level, the simple color matching makes the color have more impact in the picture.

Daisy Dai | Nov 18, 20
3 Easy Ways to Post Photos on Instagram from PC/Mac

When doing social media marketing, you want to upload a few pictures to Instagram, but you can’t upload them directly on your computer, but you have to use your mobile phone to operate it, which is very inconvenient. Instagram is a mobile-based social APP application. Many functions can only be operated on mobile phones. Is there a way to upload pictures directly to the Instagram platform on the computer? Today I will share with you some simple methods.

Gary Zeng | Oct 19, 20
10 Funniest Photography Memes You Should Know

In each field, there are some interesting memes. For example the famous Nick Young confused picture. Today I'm going to share with you some interesting memes about photography. Let's take a look at some of these funny ones!

Gary Zeng | Oct 13, 20
How to Shoot Stars with Phone

Until now, many people thought that only a DSLR could make a brilliant milky way. In fact, it's possible to take very good pictures of the stars on your mobile phone, but it's impossible to pick up your phone and shoot without without being prepared. So before we start shooting, we need to pay attention to the following points. Click to read!