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How to Blow Up Pictures without Losing Quality?

As we all know, the basic composition of the image is clarity, screen resolution, specifications, their relationship is: ClarityScreen resolution*Specifications. Sometimes in life and work often need to enlarge the picture, such as want to enlarge a photo of your favorite and then print it out to hang on the wall, or the company needs to do advertising, need to enlarge the picture to make posters.

Usually when we enlarge the image it gets blurry and looks like a mosaic, so what can we do to enlarge the image without losing quality? This article will provide you with some effective methods and tools, so keep reading if you're interested.

First we need to know that

Vector Diagram:
Lossless magnification is only possible with vector diagrams. This is because vector graphs are stored in a computer in a pattern made up of boundary functions and color blocks and mapping rules, and we know that function curves are not blurred no matter how much we zoom in. As for the general gradient effect in the image, there are mapping rules to ensure that the magnified gradient is proportional to the small image. But also because of this point vector graphics for the expression of objects are basically flat, it is impossible to have a standard light and dark like a photograph, vector graphics are often used in the production of LOGO.


The bitmap is stored in the computer as the RGB values of the corresponding pixels. When the image is enlarged, one of the original pixels becomes very large, but the RGB values of the entire color dot remain the same, so the image becomes blurry.

At present, the online photo clarity is basically done through some algorithms, using a computer to analyze the information in the original image, and then through some algorithms to simulate the possible details to approach the real details, this method has limited effect, if the magnification ratio is too large, then the same will not be true.

Blow up pictures with Photoshop

If you know how to use Photoshop, it's certainly the best way to get a sharper picture by using channel denoising, blurring, high contrast retention, layer overlay, sharpening, and a host of other features.

But how to operate are based on the original picture to decide, must be familiar with Photoshop functions and then according to the actual situation to deal with, so I can only give a general basic steps.

  • Open the Photoshop software, select "File" in the menu bar, and then select "Open" in the list.
  • Find the location where the image is stored, select the image, and then click "Open".
  • In the menu bar of the ps software, select "Image", and then select "Image Size" from the list.
  • After entering the "Image Size" setting screen, click the drop-down arrow behind "Width" and select "Percentage" from the drop-down list.
  • In the "Width" behind the box, enter a value of 105, 105 means that the image will be 105% larger. Then in the "Resample" rear select "Twice Cube (Smooth Gradient)", and finally click "OK". Install this step of the method repeated several times until the picture size to reach the desired size.

Online tools or Fotosifter

If you don't know how to use Photoshop or find it too complicated, you can try some other online tools for enlarging photos. All you have to do is type in "blow up pictures software" into Google and a very large number of tools will appear for you to choose from.

In the meantime, let me tell you a good news, Fotosifter's losing quality enlargement function is also under development, which can help you to blow up photos with one click without losing image quality! We develop product features based on the principle of simple operation and high efficiency, entirely from the user's point of view. It may not be a great photo software for professionals, but it must be the best choice for regular users.

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This article introduces some knowledge about vector diagram and bitmap, and also provides two possible ways for you to blow up the image, if you find it helpful, please share this side of the article with your friends, and also invite you to try Fotosifter for free.

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