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Fotosifter: Powerful Photo Organizer and Handy Image Editor

After an intensive period of time during which we conduct numerous collaborations, discussions, tests and improvements, Fotosifter(beta version) came into being. We, Cgaga, hope Fotosifter would really help you with image processing and mass photo management in your daily life and work. Re-discover your life moments with serendipity starting from today!

What is Fotosifter?

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Fotosifter is a professional and easy-to-use photo sorter as well as picture enhancer. It provides you with a total solution for picture editing and mass photo management through utilizing frontier techs including 3D LUT, precise facial recognition, and machine learning. Unlike other picture processing software which only provide pic-editing functionality, Fotosifter knows that managing and sorting a stock of images could be very time and energy consuming, and empowers you to manage and sort your images in a very convenient way. 

Highlighted Features of Fotosifter

To provide users with maximal convenience, Fotosifter integrates multiple facilities. Here, we choose four highlighted ones to introduce.

Face Recognition

This powerful function is based on our advanced algorithm. Fotosifter can sort out all the photos or images containing a specific person regardless of how the person has naturally changedas time goes by, which saves heaps of your time.

Mass Image Sorting & Management

Searching some urgently needed pics from the huge picture repository can really be a pain of the day.Now with Fotosifter, tons of your pics can be well sortedthrough a few single clicks. Classifying images by person, place (including landmarks and scenery spots), and time, present you all the similar photos to a chosen one, generate photo streams, and so on. Moreover, it could scan and import multiple devices, covering Android phones, iOS devices, most HDDs and SSDs, SD cards, TF cards, cameras, etc. 

 Image Editing with Popular Leading Techs

With this versatile image processor, you can edit pictures at ease in your own way. Fotosifter enlists and supports not only the basic common picture-editing functions, but also frontier graphic-processing technologies including 3D LUT and OpenCL.

Smart Selection for Your Reference

Lots of people are hassled by “which picture should I choose?” There can be Two major scenarios.

Similarity Numeration

Instead of scratching head and struggling with those pics looking alike, you can always do quick picks by utilizing the “Similarity Numeration” subfeature (excluded from beta version) of Fotosifter.

Smart Selection
You might simply just want to pick out some high-quality pictures at a time for a presentation on a meeting, presentation, seminar, wedding, home gathering, family union, friends reunion, alumni gathering, photography exhibition, camera-shot showcase, or any other special occasions. Smart Selection curate you the best of your pictures with its specially-designed algorithm.
This facility, on one side, helps you quickly decide which pictures could be discarded and deleted. As a result, you free up more space of your storage devices. On the flip side, it picks out and presents you a set of distinct photos, all of which are best in picture quality regarding factors such as exposure value and image resolution.

Wrap Up

Fotosifter perfectly meets people's needs of image editing as well as high-efficiency mass photo management. Whether you are ready to edit your selected photos of year 2019, or to sort out some specific pictures for family review on New Year's Eve, Fotosifter will come in handy.

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