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3 Ways to Remove Watermarks from Photos

Downloaded from the network down a lot of pictures will contain a watermark logo and other marks. What should I do if I need to remove the watermark when using these pictures? General picture editing tools can also remove the watermark, but the professional requirements are relatively high, otherwise the watermark removal is not perfect, and it will also affect the beauty of the entire photo. Is there any way to easily remove the watermark without affecting the beauty of the photo?

What is a watermark?

Digital Watermarking technology is to embed some identification information (ie digital watermark) directly into digital carriers (including multimedia, documents, software, etc.) or indirectly express (modify the structure of a specific area), and does not affect the use of the original carrier Value is not easy to be detected and modified again. But it can be identified and identified by the manufacturer. 

Through the information hidden in the carrier, the purpose of confirming the content creator, purchaser, transmitting secret information, or judging whether the carrier has been tampered with can be achieved. Digital watermarking is an effective way to protect information security, realize anti-counterfeiting traceability, and copyright protection. It is an important branch and research direction in the field of information hiding technology.

Preserve Settings

Way 1. Cutting method to remove watermark

The cropping method is mainly used for pictures with watermarks on the edges, and the cropping does not affect the use. You can use the drawing software that comes with your computer to cut off the watermarked part, or you can send the picture to a mobile phone and use the mobile phone software to cut the picture to remove the watermark.

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Ways 2. Photoshop - Fill method

This method requires the installation of PS software, but the operation is very simple and only requires two steps. And the vast majority of the watermark can be removed without cutting, without loss of original picture content.

Step 1. Open the PS software, click File>Open>Open the picture with watermark>Use the rectangular marquee tool to select the watermark in the picture.

Step 2. Point the mouse to the selected watermark, right-click, and select Fill. Open the fill dialog box, keep the default settings (ie, use: content recognition, mode: normal, opacity: 100%), click OK, and the watermark is successfully removed.

Focus & Exposure

Ways 3. Photoshop - Clone Stamp Tool

Using this method can remove more complex watermarks, and can maintain the image quality. Which will use Photoshop's Clone Stamp tool, the Spot Healing tool and so on.

Step 1. After importing the watermark, click on the imitation stamp tool> press and hold the alt key while clicking the pattern that is similar to the watermark to copy the pattern> release the alt key> click the watermark again to paste the pattern just copied.

Step 2. Repeat this action until the watermark is completely removed. This is a relatively long process, and you must be careful.

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In addition to the above three methods, there are many tools that can remove watermarks, such as some software that specifically removes watermarks. This feature Fotosifter is also under development and will be available to you soon, so stay tuned.


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