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Utilize Photo Filter to Presort Your Pictures

I learned from quite a few readers that they resort to photo sorting when they need to find out certain photos. They start sorting directly. The truth is, an occasional photo sort is often less efficient than a well prepared photo organizing. A presort is a good preparation for photo organizing. This post offers a solution on how to presort photos with photo filter.

What is and why doing photo presort?

Imagine this: you are preparing a nice dinner for a family gathering day. You have all the raw food materials at hand: tomatoes, chicken, potato, cucumber, cabbage, onion, pepperoni, flour, eggs, maize, lettuce, celery, salmon, green pepper, fresh ginger, garlic, etc. Also, the pot and fry pan are ready. You are not going to put them into the pot or pan cook directly and cook them RAW, are you? You see my point. Yes, the raw materials need to be pre-processed before they going into to the pot or the pan: you need to peel the garlic and ginger, cut it off, wash the chicken and salmon, and so on.

Although photo presort is not exactly same as food processing, similar to food processing before cooking, photo presort facilitates the later process of photo sorting. The better you presort, the easier the photo organizing process goes.

intro to photo presort

Major methods of photo presort

The postal and express industry has its ways of presort. Photo presort has its ways too. In general, there are 4 methods.

  1. Sort photos by name
  2. Sort photos by date
  3. Sort photos by size
  4. Sort photos by type (i.e. format)

Most file explorers of operating systems or software have these photo presort methods. However, some users need more. Take a look at the methods below.

  1. Sort photos by shape
  2. Sort photos by resolution
  3. Sort photos by heart-tag
  4. Sort photos by rating
  5. Sort photos by camera

If you are one of these users, then I would recommend you a PC software called Fotosifter. There is a smart photo filter built in Fotosifter which empowers you to presort pictures fast.

Use the smart photo filter of Fotosifter to presort your pictures

Some of its users do not know where the photo filter gadget is. Well, it does hide a little, but not that deep. Check the following steps.

Step 1. Download, install, and run Fotosifter.

Step 2. Import your photos to be presorted.

import photos

Step 3. Find the little ‘funnel’ icon from the bar right under the top took kit panel. The icon locates on the right side of the bar, next to the little ‘nine-dot’ square icon.

Step 4. Single click the icon found in step 3. You will see 6 presort dimensions: shape, format, camera, favorites, rating, and resolution.

Step 5. Presort photos using the above dimensions by clicking any one from them. In the sub-menu, choose the desired option.

photo filters
  • Tips

    • If you are using the resolution filter, you need to input the width and height pixel numbers in it.

Step 6. Find little ‘nine-dot’ square icon from the bar right under the top took kit panel. The icon locates on the right side of the bar, next to the the little ‘funnel’ icon.

Step 7. Single click the icon found in step 6. You will see 5 photo arranging dimensions: date, name, resolution, size, and rating.

Step 8. Rearrange the imported photos by clicking one of the above dimensions from the sub-menu. Your pictures are rearranged immediately.

rearrange photos


Like the presort stage of mail delivery in postal industry, photo presort facilitates the later process of photo sorting. While the file explorer in most operating systems or software have very limited photo presort dimensions, Fotosifter helps users who have extra needs on this. Free download Fotosifter and try it now.

Easy and smart photo organizing and editing software for everyone!

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit

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