Is the Boston Dynamics robot dancing real?

Gary Zeng | Jan 06, 21


Boston Dynamics, a professional robot development company, posted a video of robots grooving to the song “Do you love me” a week ago. Four robot dancers in the video - two humanoid Atlas, a yellow four-legged dog-like robot named Spot Mini and a ostrich-like robot named handle - were dancing to the music smoothly and rhythmically.

Gary Zeng | Dec 30, 20
Things You Need to Know about New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ Live 2021

The Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve is a day away, but unfortunately the NYE is not going to open to the public since there is a COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is going to have a New Year’s Eve’ live stream, so people will enjoy the show from the comfort of their home. About the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ live 2021, there are few things you should know.

Gary Zeng | Dec 29, 20
What is Boxing Day after Christmas?

What is the first thing people do after Christmas? Travel ,rest or keep partying? No, neither. After Christmas, the first thing that people who have received many presents do is of course to open the presents, so literally, the day when people open their presents, December 26, is called Boxing Day. However, got its name when

Gary Zeng | Dec 24, 20
Best Vegetarian Christmas Food

Vegan recipes are getting hot recent years, many people have joined the vegetarian diet. So we rounded up these 4 easy and delicious Christmas food for vegans, hoping they'll enjoy some delicious and fresh vegetarian food this Christmas. Since there are so many different recipes for a particular food on Google, and everyone’s favour and recipes vary, we don’t recommend detailed recipes here.

Daisy Dai | Dec 24, 20
The 8 Best Movies to Watch on Christmas
Christmas is coming soon, and the festive atmosphere is getting stronger. Watching classic Christmas movies is one of the traditions of Christmas. This article summarizes some classic Christmas-related movies for everyone. Many of them are family Christmas movies that are worth watching every year. Watching with your family at Christmas will make the Christmas atmosphere more intense! Remember to bring a glass of mulled wine when watching a movie!
Gary Zeng | Dec 22, 20
Weird Christmas Traditions Around the World

There are about more than 160 countries celebrate Christmas in the world, while some of these countries have Christmas traditions that are different from those American or UK Christmas traditions. But have you ever seen a weird Christmas tradition people knocking a log and chanting "Poop! Poop!" ? Or have you seen Santa with a machine gun?

Gary Zeng | Dec 16, 20
5 Best Christmas Photo Editors You Should Try

Christmas 2020 is coming. Are you ready for Christmas this year? Many people want something new and special for Christmas this year, creating your own unique video or photo and share it with your friends and family or set it as your Christmas Facebook cover photo maybe an economical and creative idea. In this post, we'll share with you 5 of the best Christmas photo editors you should try out.