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Top 10 Mobile Phone Photograph Tips You Should Know

The camera performance of smart phones is now getting stronger and stronger, and some have even surpassed card cameras. Although taking pictures with a mobile phone is very simple, there is not a lot of knowledge. This is why some people can use their mobile phones to take first-rate photos, while some people only take headshots. Today I will tell you the skills of mobile photography, I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Panoramic

Panoramic is a very interesting feature. It used to be only done by digital camera + tripod + post-PS, now it can be done by just turning the phone around. If you encounter magnificent mountains, pleasant beaches, colorful rainbows, and gorgeous sunset clouds, you should use the panoramic function to show your skills.

2. Setting exposure and focus

If you feel that the exposure of the photo is inaccurate or out of focus, you can adjust it by tapping the subject on the screen. Many mobile phone camera applications support adjusting focus and exposure by tapping objects on the screen.
Setting exposure and focus

3. Smart HDR

First of all, what is HDR? HDR, High-Dynamic Range, is high dynamic range, used when the brightest and darkest parts of the subject are very different. After HDR is turned on, three photos will be taken in a row, corresponding to underexposure, normal exposure, and overexposure, and then combine these three pictures together and highlight the best part of each photo to generate an exquisite photo.

Smart HDR

4. Use the camera's own photo mode

Most smartphone camera applications have a wealth of functions, and can provide different shooting modes for different scenes, such as portrait mode, continuous shooting mode, etc. Mastering the use of these modes can make shooting easier.

Portrait mode, as the name suggests, this is a special function for taking portraits. It can highlight the subject and blur the background. Of course, you can also use this mode to take various close-up photos, such as a delicious cake or a cute animal.

Whether you are using a mobile phone or a camera to take pictures, it is a safer choice to take a few more pictures at a time, because if there is an accident, such as someone blinking or blurring someone, you still have alternative photos available, and you can try it out at this time Continuous shooting mode.
Use the camera's own photo mode

5. Don't use digital zoom

Since digital zoom will reduce the image quality, the greater the zoom level, the worse the image quality, so it should be avoided when taking pictures. The correct way is to cut after taking the picture, just use the image editing software built into the phone. Of course, you can also walk closer when taking pictures to avoid using zoom.

However, the speed of mobile phone development now far exceeds our imagination. Many mobile phones have multiple lenses. You can switch the lens to achieve zoom, so that you can take a clear shot of the distant scene and ensure the image quality.
Don't use digital zoom

6. Rule of thirds

When composing a picture, the rule of thirds is a simple technique. You can divide the picture horizontally and vertically into thirds by visual inspection or the camera's built-in grid lines, and then place the shooting object on the vertical line or where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect, and finally keep the horizon and the horizontal line parallel.

Rule of thirds

7. Camera filter

Nowadays, there are many filters in the camera of mobile phones. You can directly use them when shooting. These filters can help you take amazing photos. Of course, when you are not sure which filter to use when shooting, you can also add it later.

Although this function has helped everyone to improve a lot of photography ability, it should not be abused. If every photo is turned into a LOMO style, it will also make people aesthetically tired. In addition to filters, adjusting the contrast and brightness and appropriately cropping the excess parts of the screen are very effective editing methods.

Camera filter

8. Hold the phone

Because smartphones are relatively lightweight, they are prone to shaking when taking pictures, which can cause blurry photos. So be sure to hold the phone steady when taking pictures, especially if there is no optical image stabilization function. There is also a very convenient tool that can help us solve this problem, a mobile phone tripod, with it you can not only take clear photos, but also take gorgeous night scenes.

Hold the phone

9. Time-lapse exposure

It's another very fun feature. This was also a SLR patent a long time ago, but now mobile phones are also available. It is especially suitable for shooting the endless crowds and traffic at night. In particular, a tripod and time-lapse exposure are a perfect match. If you are smart enough, you can also try to synchronize the movement and relative static relationship between the mobile phone and the subject in this form, and capture the pleasure of speed.

Time-lapse exposure

10. Macro shooting

Although there are many multi-lens mobile phones nowadays, most people's mobile phone lenses are fixed-focus lenses, which do not support zooming. Although many mobile phone manufacturers say that their phones support zooming, the effects of zooming are very poor.

So when we take close-up photos, we should be as close as possible to the subject, but it does not mean crazy close, but as close as possible within the focus of the lens, so that the photo will be more clear. Remember not to use your mobile phone to zoom in to take pictures, the quality of the pictures taken is very poor.

Macro shooting


The above content is the mobile phone photography skills that I will introduce to you today. You can make more use of it when taking pictures with your mobile phone. If you have any good suggestions or tips are welcome to leave a message at the end of the text, to share with each other. 

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