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9 Interesting Photography Terms and Expressions

You may have heard photobomb, deadpan, shutterbug, pixel peeper or something else related to photography but sounds confusing. Actually, those words are photography lingo.

In photography, some photography terms are so obscure that even an experienced amateur can take a long time to reflect what they mean. For novice photographers, it's even harder to understand. Today, we have selected the following nine photographic expressions that will help you in your photography.

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I don't know if you have ever had such an experience. When friends gather together, you and your friends stand together to take an intimate photo. As a result, at the moment when the shutter is pressed, an ungrateful guy also stands in, ruining the perfect world of two people.

These guys are like a bomb, they come at you all of a sudden, and they have a certain amount of destructive power, so we call these guys and this kind of thing ‘photobombs’.

To sum up, the photography slang ‘Photobomb’ means the act of being accidentally caught in a photograph or entering the lens of a photograph at the exact moment it is taken. It can also refer to a photograph that would normally have been taken losing its meaning by the presence of someone else.

A man appeared behind the kissing couple in the bar


The English word 'deadpan' first appeared in vanity Fair magazine in the 1920s. Originally meant as a cold, impersonal face or facial expression, it first appeared extensively in critics' articles describing plays or movies.

Interestingly, the 'expressionless look' in photography has been around since 1839, when portraiture was invented, and subjects can only remain expressionless during long exposures.

The man stood on the right side of the yellow background with his hands folded


The word ‘bokeh’ comes from Japanese to describe an indistinct look. In photography terms, it refers to the out-of-focus part of a photograph. Different lens designs, aperture blade shapes, and different depths of field create different bokehs. With the flexible use of focal points and lenses, photographers can create any number of different pieces of landscape photography.

Men with umbrellas stand on the street in the misty rain of night

Terms Related to Photographer


Shutterbug is for photography lovers. These photography enthusiasts usually enjoy photography very much. They are basically always ready to take pictures, whether they are eating or walking. Even their cameras may be on all the time.

A rodent is standing on the camera of the photographer who is taking the picture

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Chimping is a colloquial photography term to describe the habit of checking every captured photo on the camera display immediately after the photograph. When doing the checking action, there are always noise like ‘ahh’ or ‘ohh’ made by people, even more exaggerating is the ape-like gesture followed after the noise.

Three men were checking a photograph they had just taken


ATGNT is short for ‘All The Gear, No Idea’. It always refers to photographers those who have a bunch of equipment, upgrade them constantly but don’t know how to use them, only use the auto mode of their camera to cooperate equipment to shoot photos. 

a bunch of photography equipment

Other Terms 

Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob is not actually Uncle Bob in the photography filed. A qualified person who can be called Uncle Bob should be a regular presence in photography, especially wedding photography. In addition, this guy should be the one who is inevitable, and he should have the capacity to perfectly getting in the way of actual photographer from every angle.

A man shooting from the side of a kissing couple gets in the way of a real photographer and becomes a photobomb

Machine Gunning

If you try to do a continuous shooting with your own camera, you will know what ‘Machine Gunning’ really means. The sound of the shutter working continuously is just like you are machine gunning.

csling borneo collared kingfisher flight-sequence

Pixel Peeper

Those guys who check their image quality by zoom in on their camera screen or a post-processing program, to scrutinize each pixel can be a pixel peeper.

A man was using a telescope. There is Pixel Peeper typed on his face


Above are about the 9 Interesting Photography Terms and Expressions, thanks for reading! If you want more tutorials of Fotosifter, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


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