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General Questions About Cgaga Software

What’s the values and beliefs of Cgaga Software?

Cgaga Soft believes in the accordance of technology and art which can make our lives easy, simple, happy and relaxing. Cgaga Soft also values families and friends. That’s why our product Fotosifter encourages organizing, sharing and bonding.

Are Cgaga software’s product flawless or bug free?

Fotosifter is our first PC software product. We are starting from the very beginning while we are growing fast at the same time. Our product Fotosifter is neither flawless nor bug free. You might encounter a few little bugs when using the older versions. However, we are diligently and constantly optimizing Fotosifter on a daily basis, and we pay strong attention on users feedback and opinions. We optimize our products based on users’ needs. Therefore, you are welcome to send us any of your feedback.

Can I cancel my order after placing it?

We do provide trial versions for our product(s) which are functionally the same as the full version, only with limitations on extend. It’s advisable that you try out the trial version first to see if the software meet your needs before purchasing. The differences between trial version and full version of Fotosifter are listed on its pricing page. Due to the automated way that orders are processed and fulfilled via payment platforms, once an order is processed it cannot be cancelled. Notwithstanding, you can still have a refund. Refer to our refund policy for what can be done.

If I purchased a single-user license, can I use the program on another computer?

As what have stated prior, Cgaga Soft values families and friends, and encourages sharing and bonding. Therefore, each of the single-user license of our products are not rigidly adhere to one computer. Instead, Cgaga software offers scalable license which means that a single-user license can be used on at most 5 computers.

Does my license work with both Mac (macOS) and Windows platforms?

Nope. The license does not work for both Mac (macOS) and Windows platforms. Mac and Windows versions are two different programs for two different operation systems, so the license for Windows version couldn't register the Mac version and vice versa. If you have purchased the license for the wrong operation system, please contact us to help you exchange the license or you can purchase the license for the correct operation system from our official website and contact us to refund the wrong order. If you have changed your computer from Windows to Mac, or from Mac to Windows, and would like to reinstall the program to the new computer, you may contact our support team for a discount to purchase a new license for the new computer. Also, please note that at the current time, we only issued out the Windows version of Fotosifter; the macOS version are under development and will be issued out in the next a few months.

Questions on Fotosifter

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How do I complete activation or registration?

After launching Fotosifter, you'll be asked to register the software. If you have purchased the license, then you can get the registered license and email address in your email box. If you haven't purchased the license yet and accidentally dismissed the hint, you can also click the cart icon on the top right corner of the software interface (window) to make the purchase. After purchasing, you’ll receive the order information as well as the license code in your email. Then, type in the licensed email and license code in the software, click "Activate" to unlock the full version.Once the activation is successful, your software will be unlocked to full version instantly and you can enjoy all features without limitation.

Why can't some small images be imported?

Many users do not want to have small pictures imported, such as thumbnails and icons. In order to free users from getting annoyed by such trivial irrelevant pictures, we have currently set Fotosifter to automatically filter out images whose pixel dimensions are less than 256 × 256 in advance. That’s why some small pictures are not imported. However, if you think this is unreasonable, please let us know the scenarios in which you often need to import small sized images. Our team will try to find out an alternative way.

Where should I install Fotosifter? Any recommended installation paths?

Normally, you can install the software anywhere in your disk such as disk C. But, please avoid setting some special functioned places as your installation path, such as “desktop” and “document”. Separate any software, besides Fotosifter, from your document file folders. Thus, if you want to change the installation paths or uninstall the program, your files won’t have the risk to be accidentally deleted.

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