Fotosifter User Manual

Cgaga Fotosifter Introduction

Cgaga Fotosifter

Cgaga Fotosifter is a professional and easy-to-use photo organizer as well as picture editor running on Windows PC. It provides you with a total solution for mass photo management and picture enhancing through utilizing advanced algorithms as well as frontier techs including precise facial recognition, AI, and machine learning. 

With the new generation of Cgaga Image Processing Engine and the ever-improving algorithm, Cgaga Fotosifter empowers you to scan, import, auto sort, and auto organize your photos and pictures fast. It’s a smart machine that liberate you from Inefficient manual photo organizing. Meanwhile, Cgaga Fotosifter is more than just a photo organizer - it also helps you to edit your pictures and customize your photo slideshow videos. Moreover, new features as well as new assets are constantly being added to Cgaga Fotosifter, users are always free to update it to new versions.

To sum up, Cgaga Fotosifter is a family-friendly software and is a perfect choice for photography beginners and amateurs, working moms, office workers, travel lovers, teachers, students, etc. It comes extremely handy when you are in need of managing a huge amount of photos and images with extra demands such as picture editing, slideshow video making, and photo exporting.

System Requirements

Operating Systems (OS) Supported:

Windows 10/8.1/8/7, 64-bit

Hardware Requirements:

Intel i3 or newer multi-core processor, 2 GHz or above

4GB of RAM or above

Intel HD Graphics 5000 or newer; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or newer; AMD Radeon R5 or newer

10 GB of free hard-disk space

Screen Resolution Requirement:

1024 × 768 screen resolution and above

Download and Install

1) Click here to download the latest Cgaga Fotosifter.

2) Upon successful download, double-click the downloaded cgaga-fotosifter.exe to start the installation.


Q 1 : The software gets stuck during installation

It may be caused by network instability, please check the network environment and try again.

Q 2 : Getting an error “ MSVCP120.dll not loading ” or “ MSVCR120.dll not loading ”

Please follow these steps: 1.Right-click to select properties. 2. Select "Location of open file". 3. Click VC_Redist.x64~2015-2019 in the open file directory to install. 4. After the installation is successful, open the software again, and the software can start normally.

If the problem is still not resolved, please contact our technical support at


For Windows 10 OS:

Open Windows Start menu > Click “ Settings ” > Click “ Apps " from the Settings dashboard > Select " Apps & features " from the left panel > In the list, search or find out Cgaga Fotosifter > Click it and further click the " Uninstall " button appeared > Follow the on-screen instructions

Windows 8.1 & 8:

Open Windows Start menu > Click " Control Panel " Select " Programs & features " > Find out Cgaga Fotosifter and click " Uninstall " > Click the " Yes " button when hinted to uninstall the program > Follow the on-screen prompts

For Windows 7:

Click " Start " on your PC’s task bar > Select " Control Panel " > Click " Uninstall a program "under " Programs "> Find out and select Cgaga Fotosifter > Click " Uninstall " the top of the program list > Follow the on-screen guides to remove the program.


Users are FREE to upgrade older versions of Cgaga Fotosifter to the newest one. There are 2 ways.

Way 1: Auto Update

If your program is not the latest version and you’ve enabled auto update in the settings, then, upon launching, Fotosifter starts to update to the newest version automatically. You can check or uncheck the auto update option according to your needs.

update Fotosifter

Way 2: Manual Update

Step 1. Click “ Help ” on the top menu bar to draw out the sub-options.

Step 2. Click the “ Check Update ” option in the drop down list to start updating.

update Fotosifter


  • Reminder

    A valid license code is required to activate the licensed version. If you don’t have and need a license code, click here to purchase.

There are 2 ways to activate Cgaga Fotosifter. See the detailed ways and steps as shown below.

Way 1: Manual Activation

Step 1. Open Fotosifter and click “ Help ” on the top menu bar to draw out the options.

Step 2. Click the “ Online Activation ” option in the drop down list. Then, you will be presented with a pop-up window.

Step 3. Type in your email address and the activation code (i.e. license code). Then you may notice that the “ Activate ” button turns into color green from gray. Click  “ Activate ”  to complete the activation.

  • Note

    Please make sure that you type in the correct email address.

Way 2: Activate from Other Places

Situation 1. Activate from the launch. Upon launching Fotosifter, you’ll get the hint as the following picture shows. Enter the email address and activation code (i.e. license code). Then click “ Activation ”.

Situation 2. Activate from the exporting interface. If you are using the unlicensed free trial version of Fotosifter to export photos, you’ll get a pop-up hint to advise you to activate the program. Click the “Activate ” button to activate the software.  

Fotosifter main screen

Main Screen

The screen capture below presents the first screen you can see after Cgaga Fotosifter is successfully installed and launched.

Fotosifter main screen

Left-Side Menu

The left-side tool bar (i.e. sidebar menu) locates right at the left part of the program interface. It’s a place where you can find auto sorting, organizing, and selection results. Also, you can add customized tags to pictures here.

Fotosifter left-side menu


The topbar offers portals for creating and saving projects, help center, license purchase, software setting center, and window-size adjusting.

Fotosifter topbar

Top Toolkit Bar

Top tool kit bar integrates key functions of photo organizing. Here, you can search, filter, pinpoint, sort, organize, and detect duplicates of your pictures. Also, you can enter photo-editing mode as well as photo slideshow making mode here.

Fotosifter top tool kit bar

Fotosifter main features

Main Features

Scan Photos from Devices

Fotosifter helps you to scan photos from the local file folders of your PC or connected external devices such as SSD, HDD and USB flash drive.

Import Photos

Fotosifter allows you to import photos individually, or to import a folder that contains pictures, or to import photos from an particular device.

import photos

Auto Photo Sorting and Organizing

By clicking the " Auto Sort’ " icon from the top tool kit bar, you will be led to the auto photo sorting and organizing interface. There are four organizing dimensions: Face, Location, Time, and Selection. Click to choose one or multiple dimensions you want to perform, and then click " Sort " to run the process.

auto photo sprting and organizing

Photo Editing

Click the " Edit " icon from the top tool kit bar to enter photo-editing mode. Then you can use the tools from the right tool kit bar as well as the bottom tool kit bar to enhance your photos.

There are four main picture-editing tools embedded in the right-side tool kit:

1) The color modifier

2) Photo filter 

3) Photo optimizer

4) Photo EXIF viewer

Except for the above major tools, there are also some other handy tools of facilities which help you modify and view the picture quickly.

photo editing

Slideshow Video Making

Click the " Slideshow " icon from the top tool kit bar to enter slideshow-making mode. Then you can use the tools from the right tool kit bar as well as the bottom tool kit bar to create a slideshow video.

There are three tools embedded in the right-side tool kit:

1) Transition effects

2) Text stickers

3) Music and sound effects

Explore and utilize them.

Fotosifter slideshow maker

Export Photos

Click the green " Export " button at the top right of the software interface. In the pop-up window, choose the " Photo " tab. Then, choose your settings and click the " Export " button.

export photos

Export Slideshow Videos

Similarly, Click the green " Export " button at the top right of the software interface, in the pop-up window, choose your settings and click the " Export " button.

export slideshow videos

technical support

Technical Support

Your feedback is what we concern. Cgaga Software support team is keen on users' questions and feedback. To ensure you can reach us in time, we provide several feedback channels:

1.Online feedback.

The instant message portal at the right-bottom corner of our official website pages.


Reach us by emailing at

3. Submit the feedback form

Click “ Help ” in the upper left corner of the software and select “ Send Feedback ”.

  • Warm reminder

    It's highly recommended that you read our FAQs before looking in the other ways for help. Sometimes the questions have already been answered before you ask them.

Thank you user

Thank You

Thanks to all Cgaga Fotosifter users and beta testers who motivate us to constantly improve this product. We sincerely hope that you enjoy Cgaga Fotosifter.