Year of the Mouse Spring Festival Event for Fotosifter – Cgaga Software
2020 starter moments have gotten a bit tough up to this point huh?

Three weeks ago we all checked out of work, smiles brimming and being ready to ring in the Year of the Rat with our family and loved ones. We celebrated at dinners and cheers’d to good fortune in the new year.
However, Fate had prepared some different plans for us at the start of this year. 😷
Instead of joy, we’d face frustration. 😡
Instead of company, we’d face isolation. 😞
Instead of cheer, we’d face boredom. 😫
During these challenging times, we at Cgaga Software extend our deepest condolences to those who are getting more directly affected by the virus as well as some heartbreaking news in other fields around the world. 🙏
Here we would send a *strong* word of encouragement to everyone else, to keep on path to achieve the goals you set for 2020. 💪
Keep this in mind: the rat is the first animal of the Chinese calendar, which means this is a year of *new beginnings.* 🐀
Rats can also survive and *thrive* in even the most adverse conditions. 🔥
So whether you want to re-invent yourself, launch a product, or find your true calling, the stars are on your side!💫
Don’t let the adversities discourage you from changing your life for the better this year. 💸
At Cgaga Software, we’re going to keep strong and move ahead in new and exciting ways, and we hope you’ll move ahead with us. Record and cherish the moments which are constantly occurring at the starting session of 2020 Year of Rat with your camera, smartphones, and pens. Then, define them in your own way using our image-sorting/enhancing software *Fotosifter*. Not only does Fotosifter help you style your photos in your way, but also sorts and organizes masses of your photos easily. By googling the name, you’ll easily search out our official website on which you’ll find the product. You are welcome to download it and try it for free. Plus, at this time, you can get a big discount as well as a further discount by subscribing if you decide you upgrade the software to pro versions. We are looking forward to any of your feedback, comments, feelings, and opinions about it. Your continued support through these challenging times means the world to us. 🚗

All the best,
The Team @ Cgaga Software

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Find the keys to the future in your recorded moments; Light them up with Fotosifter. Envision the unknowns in 2020.

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