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Clean up unwanted photos to better organize your digital assets

Deleting the unwanted pictures will not only save storage space for your devices, but will also make your photo-organizing process easier. This article explains the reason and supports a concept in photo-organizing: Less is more. Ease the burden for yourself in photo-organizing process.

Why deleting unwanted photos?

People cherish their digital assets. While photos and pictures are an important part of them, we seem to be always reluctant to delete them. Even if some of the images are no longer carry meaning to us, we keep them. We are afraid of losing this recorded moments, but we are also making troubles for ourselves.

I have a friend who bought a very expensive mirror that she did and does not need at all. It was an impulse buy for her new house. Upon taking it home, she found that there’s just not a single logical and suitable place to hang it. The store would not take it back. She got angry at herself for wasting that much money on something she didn't need. The same awkward situation can happen if you don’t get rid of unnecessaries.

Yes, the old concept 'less is more' here still applies to photo organizing.

The drawback and hindrance of keeping unwanted photos

As we keep unwanted pictures in our devices or albums, over time, we easily forget them. After a longer course of time, when we want to delete them, it will be not anymore an easy task, because we are going to dig them out manually with our bare eyes from a sea of photos. Below, I wrote a drawback list on which you can add more.

1. Take up much of the storage space of your digital devices. Yes, this is true. Some pictures, such as a long scroll of a website screenshot, can take up to 100 MB of storage space.

2. It’s extremely hard to find or to locate them in individual after a period of time and you want to clear them up by then, since those unwanted pictures are interspersed at different albums, file folders, or places on your devices.

3. If you are tough with the budget of purchasing a new digital device, and have to clear up enough space on your currently owned storage devices, the only way is to delete those unwanted images manually. This can take a huge amount of your time and energy.

4. Some of the unwanted pictures may look very similar to the ones you actually want and need. It will be quite tough to distinguish them, either on a computer or a smart phone. Think about this: When you are viewing the thumbnails of a mix of very similar unwanted pictures and needed ones, can you recognize which one is the low-quality unwanted one ready to be deleted?

5. At times, the unwanted photo looks EXACTLY the same as the needed one. The difference lies in the meta information, i.e. EXIF, which you cannot tell from the thumbnails. In this harder case, you need to open and check the file property information of every single picture one by one.


Looks daunting? Well, get rid of the troublesome habit. Start to clean up the unwanted photos now and regularly in the future.

What to do if you ALREADY have a lot of unwanted photos?

For some users, they have already kept a certain amount of unwanted photos when reading this passage. Well, for these users, I want to say, don’t panic. There are some useful tips for you to make a cleaning better late than never.

  1. Create a list on which you wrote down the sorts or kinds of photos you think are useless anymore.
  2. Firstly, go to check the file folders or albums in which the unwanted pictures are most likely stored.
  3. Utilize the thumbnail viewing mode for quick eye-scanning.
  4. Delete or batch-delete the unwanted photos you’ve observed.
  5. Utilize the File Explorer of Windows to help you sort and locate the unwanted photos relatively quicker.

If you have any extra ideas, feel free to comment and I will add them on the tip list!


Keeping unwanted or useless pictures and photo copies seems to be harmless, but can later cause serious troubles. Cleaning them up regularly is a nice way to prevent those troubles and to prepare for effective photo organizing. Start to make cleaning ups Before it goes too far and out of your control.

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