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How to Make a Photo Slideshow on PowerPoint

Nowadays, simple photos can no longer meet people's needs. Many people like to make photos into slideshow videos. Especially during a trip, photos taken at a party are most suitable for making a slideshow. It's like telling a story. So how to make a video slideshow, today I will introduce you the most traditional method: use PowerPoint to make. I will also share with you the easiest way to use Fotosifter. Let's take a look.

Make a Photo Slideshow on PowerPoint

Preparation before making slideshow:

1. Prepare the pictures for the slideshow. The pictures for a set of slideshows should be in a uniform style, such as daily photos, landscape photos, personal photos, etc. If it is a different style, pay attention to classification and playback when making.

2. Outline: This is very important. After making the outline, you will not be in a hurry when making it. Think about the length of the slideshow, the theme, the theme you want to express, and the highlight.

Add pictures: Select Picture and select the images you want in the picture slideshow.

Import images

Enhance photos

Place a checkmark next to the picture you want to enhance and change the orientation, contrast, and brightness. You’ll see the changes in the Preview window.

Choose a picture layout

Select the Picture layout down arrow and choose how you want the pictures to appear in the slideshow.

Custom Animation

Add Effect: Choose how to display pictures and add effects.

Add text boxes: To add a slide for text, select the image in the album list you want the text to follow and select New Text Box.

Import images

Rearrange slides

Place a checkmark next to the picture you want to move and select the Move Up or Move Down arrows.

Add Music

Select Insert > Audio > Audio on My PC, choose a music file, then select OK.

Save the file.

Select File > Export. Select Create a Video.

Import images

Make a Photo Slideshow Fotosifter

Fotosifter is a professional photo editing and management software for beginners. Of course, you can also use Fotosifter to make picture slideshows. Not only that, you can also make collages. There are templates for various themes for you to choose, and the collages can be added to the slideshow video to make it more unique. Let's take a look at the specific steps.

Easy and smart photo organizing and editing software for everyone!

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit

Step 1: Access the Cgaga websitewhere you can learn about all the features of fotosifter, click on the Download button to download the software to your computer, Click the "Slideshow" button in the top toolbar to enter slideshow making mode.

Import images

Step 2: Click the transition icon to customize transition effects between pictures.Click the opener/ending icon to assign a couple of opener and ending to your slideshow video. 

Convert Images to PNG

Step 3: Upon finishing editing your photo slideshow, you can preview your work by clicking the viewer icon. Then, you can click the "OK" button to save the slideshow video.

Categorize your photos by person

Step 4: The last step is to export the video. Click the green "Export" icon.

Categorize your photos by person


Find out the photos of your most recent trip and make a slideshow video. If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends. In addition, download Fotosifter now and use it for free. Just get it to have a try right now >

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