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How to Optimize a Selfie

When we take a selfie, we will usually find there are poor light, dark skin, red eyes or some other blemishes that may undo our hard work. It is natural for us to beautify it to make it look better. Today we are gonna introduce you how to beautify your selfie, with 4 easy steps you can grasp the secrets.

Before Optimization

To optimize a selfie, you need to know what will makes your selfie looks bad.

When we take a selfie, there are many elements will affect a selfie, not only brightness, posture, compose, exposure, contrast, the condition of your skin and your expression in your eyes but also some other elements could affect your selfie. However, if you controlled the elements we mentioned before, you can basically get a good selfie.

Those elements we mentioned before, can adjust by some third-party software like Photoshop or MSpaint. So if you find your photo didn’t met those conditions, don’t worry, third-party software will help you out.

Because Photoshop is expensive for individual users and MSpaint only have simple functions, here we take Fotosifter to demonstrate. 

Fotosifter is compatible with a variety of Windows version, please click the button below for free trail or access our homepage to learn more.

Easy and smart photo organizing and editing software for everyone!

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit

Importance of Light

Wherever there is light, one can photograph.― Alfred Stieglitz

Photography is the art of light and shadow. Light is the most and first important elements in photography, even in our selfie. Light will affect ensemble of your selfie, the intensity and angle of the light will affect the brightness and subject of the photo, which is the footstone of your selfie.

Photography is the art of light and shadow

Good light can make your skin look better as well. There's quite a bit about light, but we'll skip over it here, and we'll talk about it next time.

In Fotosifer, you can find there are Brightness option here. Drag the ball left to darker your selfie, drag it right to brighter selfie. You can also see the exposure. Combined with brightness, it will have a wider adjustable range. Contrast enhances light and shade, while saturation adjusts the vividness of the color. You can try to adjust these elements by yourself to proper your selfie.

change color settings in Fotosifter


One of the most important photography technique is composition. A composition is a structure of your photo, it spotlights the subject you want to express, good composition conveys a lot of information and emotions, people can read a story from a photo.

Rule of thirds

It is the most classic and normal photo composition skill. Division a photo into 9 parts with 2 transverse lines and 2 vertical lines. The 4 focuses is visual focus, it is where the subjects fits in.

David Bowie's Aladdin Sane cover photo is shot in the rule of thirds

When take selfies or portraits, put the horizontal line onto the eye of your model, or put the 2 spots on their eyes.

Centred composition

Sometimes, you have not to obey the rule of thirds, just put the subject on the center of your photo can also works well, especially when you are doing a close shot and the subject is mostly in the frame, or you need a clean background or you want to express a symmetry.

a portrait shot in centred composition

To take a well-researched portrait or selfie, it is ok to deflect the subject's gaze from the lens, which can make your photo way more mysterious and catchy.

Triangular structure

There are always visual impacts when shooting with triangular structure. Find 3 visual concentration points, you don’t have to make it a full triangle. It is because this has to do with the logic of human imagination, and all three points are automatically linked. Meanwhile, the triangle can extend out of the picture, so you don’t have to make your photo include a full triangle.

a photo shot in triangular structure

Crop your photo

If you don’t have these compositions in your photo, try to crop them. There are reference lines in Fotosifter’s cropping function, it helps you crop photos follow the rule of thirds or centered composition.

Crop a photo with reference line in Fotosifter

Pay Attention to Skin and Eyes

Basically, when the light is fine, the present of skin and eyes is not bad. But take every care just in case, adjust the brightness, contrast, color gradation and hue can help. To remove red eyes, just click the red eyes button in correction option.

remove red eye by Fotosifter

Use a Filter

There is a simple easy way to make your selfie look better, it is filter. These dozens of filters are well adjusted in Fotosifter, each parameter has been adjusted to the most appropriate state. Use these different filters to optimize your selfie.

there are dozens of filters in Fotosifter


There are so much knowledge in photo optimize that it may take a few days to go through all of it. With those aspects we mentioned before, it will be easier for you to understand further photography knowledge and make them use in your photo optimize. But remember, the rule of photography is breakable, keep flexible in the use of rule helps you go further.

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