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3 Ways to Convert Images to PNG Format on Windows/Mac

A lot of people like to take a lot of photos during their travels, but when they come back from the trip they realize that the format may be different, and if they want to convert the format to their favorite format how can they do it? Converting photos to PNG format files is a requirement for many users, especially professionals. Because it is usually used in Java programs or web pages. So this article is going to show you how to convert images to PNG format on Windows/Mac.

Crop to Traditional Proportions

Small Volume:PNG format is preferred for web pages because it is small and ensures clear, realistic images.

Lossless Compression: PNG files are compressed using a special algorithm that results in a high compression ratio with no loss of data. It also uses a special coding method to mark recurring data, thus having no effect on the color of the image and no loss of color is possible, so that it can be saved repeatedly without degrading the image quality.

Indexed Color Mode: The PNG-8 format uses an 8-bit color palette to convert RGB color images to indexed color images. The image is stored with a representative color number selected from it, and each number corresponds to a color, thus reducing the amount of data in the image, which is very beneficial to the dissemination of color images.

Optimized Network Transmission Display: When browsing PNG images on a web page, even interleaved images provide the viewer with a basic idea of what the image will look like before it is fully downloaded and then gradually becomes clearer.

Transparency Support: PNG can define 256 layers of transparency for the original image, allowing the edges of a color image to blend with any background, a feature that GIFs and JPEGs do not have.

Method 1. All-in-One Photo Software - Fotosifter

After understanding the characteristics of PNG files, more and more people may fall in love with PNG as a format. If you want to convert all your images to PNG format, then I have to recommend you an image processing software - Fotosifter, with which you can export all your images to PNG format with one click. Not only that, the software also allows you to manage and edit your images before exporting them, it's your best choice if you don't want to download a separate application for converting your images.

Easy and smart photo organizing and editing software for everyone!

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit

Step 1: Access the Cgaga websitewhere you can learn about all the features of fotosifter, click on the Download button to download the softwareto your computer, connect your device or import the images directly from your computer.

Import images

Step 2: It's very simple, if you just need to convert the image format, just click on Export and choose PNG format, this will convert all your images to PNG format.

Convert Images to PNG

Also, Fotosifter can categorize your photos by person, place, date and selection automatically. Its photo editing feature allows you to quickly enhance your photos, such as re-color, crop, rotate, add filter effect, ect.

Categorize your photos by person

Method 2. Convert images to PNG format on Windows

Here's the easiest way to do it, all you need is a computer. You don't need to download any application and with a few clicks you can convert the image to PNG format. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to the "Picture" folder > Select the image you want to convert > Right mouse button > "Edit".

Edit the images

Step 2.Click on " File " in the top left corner > Select “ Save as ” > Click on “ PNG picture ”.

Convert images to png on windows

Method 3. Convert images to PNG format on Mac

Don't worry if you're using MAC, it's just as easy as windows. The Preview feature allows you to edit images and change image formats, follow these steps.

Step 1. Select the image you want to convert > Right mouse button > " Open with " > Select " Preview(default) "


Step 2. Go to Preview Mode > Click on " File " in the top left corner > " Select Export... "

Select Export

Step 3. In the window that pops up > Selected PNG as the file format.

Selected PNG
  • Tips

    Method 2 and Method 3 can only be converted one by one picture format, will waste a lot of time and energy. If you have a lot of pictures need to convert format, I recommend the Method 1, more simple and faster.


By understanding the three methods mentioned above, you can choose the one that suits you best. Nowadays everyone has a photo software of their own, so I suggest you to download Fotosifter, which will allow you to manage and edit your photos, as well as convert them to different formats. Just get it to have a try right now >

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