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Organize Your Photos with a Plan

Before you read this message, think about this question: when you prepare to organize your photos, do you go directly to start sorting with photo organizing tools? If so, you might have been experiencing low-efficiency photo organizing processes.

A film or a TV series needs a script. Also, a suitable director, a camera crew, nice costumes, a storyboard, a theme, a budget... The list goes on, but I'm sure you see where I'm going. Yes, planning ahead matters. Now, I'd like to introduce a special planning making method - the SMART method.

1. The SMART plan-making method

There is an old Chinese saying which goes like 'Grinding a chopper will not hold up the work of cutting firewood', meaning a good preparation may quicken the speed in doing work. However, preparations and plans vary. After an extensive research, I found a smart planning method which can make your photo organizing goes efficient. Make your goals and plans SMART now!

2. S stands for Specific

The more specific your goal is, the easier it can be achieved. It's because you will have a more clear understanding of what is required to get to the finish line. 


  1. What is the purpose of your next-time photo organizing project? One possible answer is 'showing all my 2020 family photos by Christmas'. 
  2. Who I want to see in the photo sorting result? The answers can be 'my uncle', 'my sister', 'one of my friends', 'one of my neighbors', etc. 
  3. What events or themes are supposed to be linked to the group of photos shown in the photo organizing result? The answers can be 'my birthday party', 'my daughter's commencement speaking', ‘travel to Rome,' and so on. 
  4. When were the photos shown in the result taken? The answers can be 'the past year', 'last 30 days', or 'from 2020 April 1st to May 5th'. 
  5. Where were the photos shown in the result taken? The answers can be 'Rome', 'my grandma's farm', 'library municipal', and more. 
  6. The more questions you can answer, the better. Make it specific. Remember, a sense of why you are doing what you are doing will help you stay motivated.

The more questions you can answer, the better. Make it specific. Remember, a sense of why you are doing what you are doing will help you stay motivated.

S stands for Specific

3. M stands for Measurable

In your plan, you should always make your photo organizing process measurable. A synonym for the word 'measurable' here is 'trackable'. While making your photo organizing plan, think about:

1) How are you going to measure the periodical success your photo sorting process?

2) How will track your photo sorting progress?

It is highly recommended that you break the photo sorting project down into manageable pieces.For example, 'I am going to organize 12000 photos by September 15th. I will organize 4000 photos per week for 3 weeks, and stay on track by classifying and labeling 3000 photos per week. I will do this after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As long as you split your project into suitable pieces, you can measure those in any number of ways. You can measure with time (months, weeks, and even days) or by progress (the stack of images used to be 8.4-GB large, now it's 1.5-GB large). There can be many ways to measure your progress!

M stands for Measurable

4. A stands for Achievable

Make sure your photo organizing process is achievable In your plan. A synonym for the word 'achievable' here is 'practical'. While making your photo organizing plan, also think about ‘Is my goal something that can actually be achieved?’ Keep in mind, goals that are unrealistic fail.

Reaching for the stars is admirable, but don't make your goal so difficult to achieve that you end in giving up. If you do want to shoot for the stars, make your goals a series of stepping stones, and small enough to achieve before you move on to the next one.

A stands for Achievable

5. R stands for Result-oriented

Since organizing photos is a time-consuming task, always make it result-oriented. Some people have the habit to review and enjoy their photo collections. As an undesirable result, they get lost in the forest of photo sorting process and can hardly walk out.

Plan your photo organizing process to be a result-oriented one; enjoy the fruit of victory after the process.

R stands for Result-oriented

6. T stands for Timely

Goals that have no timelines and deadlines also fail.

Give yourself a deadline. Then, the pressure builds, and you are going to act on your goal with greater gusto.

It's scary to set a deadline sometimes because it makes your goal look so real, and it forces you to be accountable in a different way. As long as you keep it realistic and achievable, you will benefit more from having a timeline than from giving yourself an indefinite amount of time to organize your photos.

T stands for Timely


Organizing photos needs a good plan ahead. Skipping the planning part of your project will guarantee its failure;the same is true for photo organizing. SMART method is an amazing method to make preset plans for your photo organizing project, either private or for business. Try SMART method to organize your photos with Fotosifter now.

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