How To Shoot Stars With Phone

Gary Zeng | Oct 13, 20


Until now, many people thought that only a DSLR could make a brilliant milky way. In fact, it's possible to take very good pictures of the stars on your mobile phone, but it's impossible to pick up your phone and shoot without without being prepared. So before we start shooting, we need to pay attention to the following points. Click to read!

Daisy Dai | Sep 29, 20
How to Blow Up Pictures without Losing Quality?
As we all know, the basic composition of the image is clarity, screen resolution, specifications, their relationship is: ClarityScreen resolution*Specifications. Sometimes in life and work often need to enlarge the picture, such as want to enlarge a photo of your favorite and then print it out to hang on the wall, or the company needs to do advertising, need to enlarge the picture to make posters.
Gary Z. | Sep 29, 20
Time to Increase Your Resolution of Video
With the same number of pixels available on the screen, the higher the number of pixels available on the video, the sharper your image will be, and the effective pixels on the screen limit the highest resolution you can see. So how can we improve video resolution without changing the number of pixels available on the screen?
Gary Zeng | Sep 24, 20
Make a High Frame Rate Slideshow Video
This article will share the reasons for making high framerate slides videos and how to use Fotosifter to make high framerate slides videos, as well as some common sense questions about video framerate.
Daisy Dai | Sep 23, 20
6 Tips for Color Balance in Pictures

The combination of complementary colors creates a strong contrast, which gives rise to a strong sense of excitement and restlessness, and is therefore more suitable for the expression of exaggerated, stimulating and cathartic emotions. How to have a perfect photo? One of these two requisites must be met: 1. A good photographer 2. A good designer. Color balance is very important if you want to have a photo that everyone praises. So how do we get a handle on color balance this time around for non-professionals, and today's article will give you 6 tips on color balance. 

Daisy Dai | Sep 17, 20
How to print photos at home ?

Nowadays, mobile phones and other electronic devices are becoming more and more powerful for taking pictures. Devices such as color printers are also becoming more popular. If you come across a satisfactory photo, can you print it out yourself at home on a color printer? Absolutely! So this article is to show you how to print your own photos at home.

Gary Zeng | Sep 15, 20
Add Tags to Photos In Windows 10
Also known as metadata, tags provide a description of the structure or information in a file. For example, when you tag someone's face on Facebook, that's where metadata comes in. We keep a lot of information on our computer, making it searchable will help us save time and improve efficiency.So, let's look at how to use tags to help identify your photos.