10 Funniest Photography Memes You Should Know

Gary Zeng | Oct 19, 20


In each field, there are some interesting memes. For example the famous Nick Young confused picture. Today I'm going to share with you some interesting memes about photography. Let's take a look at some of these funny ones!

Daisy Dai | Sep 29, 20
How to Blow Up Pictures without Losing Quality?
As we all know, the basic composition of the image is clarity, screen resolution, specifications, their relationship is: ClarityScreen resolution*Specifications. Sometimes in life and work often need to enlarge the picture, such as want to enlarge a photo of your favorite and then print it out to hang on the wall, or the company needs to do advertising, need to enlarge the picture to make posters.
Daisy Dai | Sep 25, 20
How to fix old/blurry photos?
Photos often carry people's thoughts and memories, so old photos have a higher commemorative significance.If you've just been to a sports event, take a lot of pictures, but a lot of them are blurry.It's not unusual for non-professionals to take blurry sports photos, so what to do about old and blurry sports photos?With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence technology can also make it clear again. This article will show you how to make blurred photos clear.
Daisy Dai | Sep 23, 20
6 Tips for Color Balance in Pictures

The combination of complementary colors creates a strong contrast, which gives rise to a strong sense of excitement and restlessness, and is therefore more suitable for the expression of exaggerated, stimulating and cathartic emotions. How to have a perfect photo? One of these two requisites must be met: 1. A good photographer 2. A good designer. Color balance is very important if you want to have a photo that everyone praises. So how do we get a handle on color balance this time around for non-professionals, and today's article will give you 6 tips on color balance. 

Gary Zeng | Sep 17, 20
Beginner's portrait photography tips-Background
What makes a good headshot photograph? We prepared this headshot photography tips serie to help you promote the skill and getting into portrait photography.
Daisy Dai | Aug 26, 20
Easily edit photo colors on your phone/windows

Nowadays, people have higher expectations for the quality of their photos, but most people take pictures that aren't perfect and usually use tools to enhance images. Like adjusting the position of people, changing photos' colors, editing the background of photos, etc. In this article we will give you more details on how to change the color of photos quickly.

Gary Zeng | Aug 17, 20
How to optimize a selfie
When we take a selfie, we will usually find there are poor light, dark skin, red eyes or some other blemishes that may undo our hard work. It is natural for us to beautify it to make it look better. Today we are gonna introduce you how to beautify your selfie, with 4 easy steps you can grasp the secrets.