How to add star ratings to images ?

Daisy Dai | Sep 18, 20


With the accumulation of time, you must have countless photos on your phone or computer. Then the most frustrating thing is how to deal with all this clutter, it may take you half a day or even a day to sort them in a general way, not to mention adding tags or stars ratings to each picture. Today's article will show you how to quickly and efficiently categorize your photos and how to add stars ratings to them.

Gary Zeng | Sep 07, 20
How to Sort Photos in Windows
Do you have many photos in your computer but you don’t know where they are when you are going to organize them? If you need to sort photos in Windows 10, this article will help you to fast sort photos with built-in software.
Gary Zeng | Jul 29, 20
A complete photo organizing process

In two previous blog articles titled Utilize photo filter to presort your pictures and Organize your photos with a plan, the importance of the preparation stage of photo organizing has been largely emphasized. Actually, each link or stage in the process matters. This article will show you a complete photo organizing process. By checking and practicing the steps yourself, you may develop out your own ‘standard’ way of photo organizing in the future.

Gary Zeng | Jul 24, 20
Clean up unwanted photos to better organize your digital assets
People cherish their digital assets. While photos and pictures are an important part of them, we seem to be always reluctant to delete them. Even if some of the images are no longer carry meaning to us, we keep them. We are afraid of losing this recorded moments, but we are also making troubles for ourselves. The old concept 'less is more' here applies to photo organizing.
Gary Zeng | Jul 23, 20
How to apply a vignette effect to photos
If you are a newbie to photography or photo processing, then you might be unfamiliar with the term ‘vignette’. However, I’m sure that you often see pictures containing a theme object or portraits in which there seem to be a spotlight. That’s what this article is going to talk about. Want to make your photos look more artistic? Keep reading.
Daisy Dai | Jul 10, 20
How to find duplicate photos and remove them?

Many of us often take burst shots, i.e., continuous captures. Most smart phones, including iPhone and Android phones, support burst shooting. Sometimes, you may take burst shot without knowing — simply because your finger slipped a little bit and activated the function! For example, when you tap and hold the white circle in iPhone Camera and slightly moved your fingerpoint to left a little bit, iPhone Camera starts to take burst shots. Burst-shot gestures, i.e., orders, vary among different devices. These duplicates can take up much of your storage space. If you are troubled by photo duplicates, this blog is right written for you.

Gary Zeng | Jun 18, 20
A Perfect Way to Prepare Photos for Digital Yearbook Slideshow Video
Summer is coming. Different from the past years, this year, many kids commit online yearbook signing through screens due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Isn’t it an exciting thing to see that kids are keeping the tradition of yearbook signing alive!