How to fix old/blurry photos?

Daisy Dai | Sep 25, 20


Photos often carry people's thoughts and memories, so old photos have a higher commemorative significance.If you've just been to a sports event, take a lot of pictures, but a lot of them are blurry.It's not unusual for non-professionals to take blurry sports photos, so what to do about old and blurry sports photos?With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence technology can also make it clear again. This article will show you how to make blurred photos clear.
Gary Zeng | Sep 24, 20
Make a High Frame Rate Slideshow Video
This article will share the reasons for making high framerate slides videos and how to use Fotosifter to make high framerate slides videos, as well as some common sense questions about video framerate.
Daisy Dai | Sep 17, 20
How to print photos at home ?

Nowadays, mobile phones and other electronic devices are becoming more and more powerful for taking pictures. Devices such as color printers are also becoming more popular. If you come across a satisfactory photo, can you print it out yourself at home on a color printer? Absolutely! So this article is to show you how to print your own photos at home.

Gary Zeng | Sep 10, 20
Best image converter to jpg
This article compares 3 common image converters in both online and offline categories, summarizes their advantages in order to provide help and Suggestions for readers when choosing JPG image converters.
Gary Zeng | Sep 08, 20
How to Add Music to Slideshow
There are multiple ways for us to add music to a slideshow. In this article, we will introduce you 3 simple ways as references.
Gary Zeng | Jul 31, 20
Learn to adjust your photo organizing process

The previous blog article titled A complete photo organizing process offers readers with a general perspective on a complete process of photo organizing. As mentioned in the last, there’s no standard and fixed process applying to everyone. The key is to build a process that’s best for you. To take a further understanding, your personalized process is NOT fixed but always changing. It could be best in the last month, but not anymore today if you haven’t adjusted it.

Gary Zeng | Jul 23, 20
How to apply a vignette effect to photos
If you are a newbie to photography or photo processing, then you might be unfamiliar with the term ‘vignette’. However, I’m sure that you often see pictures containing a theme object or portraits in which there seem to be a spotlight. That’s what this article is going to talk about. Want to make your photos look more artistic? Keep reading.