Add Tags to Photos In Windows 10

Gary Zeng | Sep 15, 20


Also known as metadata, tags provide a description of the structure or information in a file. For example, when you tag someone's face on Facebook, that's where metadata comes in. We keep a lot of information on our computer, making it searchable will help us save time and improve efficiency.So, let's look at how to use tags to help identify your photos.
Gary Zeng | Sep 07, 20
How to Sort Photos in Windows
Do you have many photos in your computer but you don’t know where they are when you are going to organize them? If you need to sort photos in Windows 10, this article will help you to fast sort photos with built-in software.
Gary Zeng | Sep 01, 20
How to sort google photo albums
Google photo is a strong online photo organizer and photo storage tool. By different criteria, users are able to share their albums or photos after organizing or editing. Also you are allowed to add, remove or edit photos from an album at any time if you want to. Google photo recognizes faces in your photos and put the same faces into a group. Also you have the ability to hide a face you don’t want to show.
Daisy Dai | Jun 16, 20
Why are More People Choosing Photo Sorting Software ?
The previous blog article titled A complete photo organizing process offers readers with a general perspective on a complete process of photo organizing. As mentioned in the last, there’s no standard and fixed process applying to everyone. The key is to build a process that’s best for you.