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10 Tips to Photograph Children

Are your childhood photos pretty? Do you want to take as many "perfect" photos of your child as you can because your childhood photos weren't good enough? How exactly do you photograph children? Today we're going to share 10 helpful tips with you.

a child on a swing under a blue sky

Is It Difficult to Photograph Kids?

Some people think that parent-child photography is one of the most difficult projects to shoot, requiring high technical and professional equipment, but it is not. 

Because you don't need to use any lights, teach them to pose, explain how to look good, or worry that they care too much about their performance, you just need to pick up the camera and shoot, chase the nature of children, follow them to run up, walk around, climb high and low.

kid playing toy car on the ground

To get good pictures, simply take them to a well-lit area, give them some toys, and let them play as much as they like.

10 Tips for Taking Amazing Pictures of Children

  1. Stay Away from Photographic Studio

You don’t have to take your kids to a photographic studio, on the contrary, you should stay away from there. Just take them to any places where they naturally live to start photograph.

baby playing leaves

2. Lower Shooting Angle

This is a common children photography tip, because it is true and useful. You have to lower your gaze to recognize their world, when shooting, you can sit or get down on the ground.

baby playing toy drum on a footcloth

3. Create Scene

Kids are unpredictable, but sometimes predictable. They do something unexpected most of the time, while there are plenty of times you can predict what they are gonna do in advance.

What if you give a cake without tableware to kids? You will get a great picture.

boy lick a cake plate

4. Use a Fish-eye Lens

Fish-eye lenses are used not to capture more scenes, but to capture the excitement of the children, and fish-eye lenses exaggerate the foreground, which is exactly what children's world is like.

kids laughing and swimming by the pool

5. Make Electronic Photo Albums

Turning photos into digital albums is a great way to preserve children's precious photos and childhood memories. Just imagine how wonderful it will be when he grows up and sees these pictures of his childhood.

surfing kid

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6. Burst Mode

A child's face can change instantly, so if you don't want to miss it, simply choose the camera's continuous shooting function.

girl lying on the grass with flower and a smile

7. Let Them See and Take Photos

Kids love to see photos of themselves, if you can show them your camera, let them know what you are going to shoot, then ask them to shoot as they like, you will get plenty of interesting works. Also, just give them the camera, it is interesting when they are trying to do photographs as well.

girl playing camera

8. Dress Like Adults

They like to imitate adults. Give them a pair of adult shoes and you will get lovely pictures.

father and daughter stand in schoolyard

9. Don’t Say No

Don’t say no to kids, because their imagination and creativity always bring surprises and always break the rules of adults. Sometimes their opinions may be a little silly, but let them do as they please, and the results are often very good and happy.

kids coloring at table

10. Don't Stop Shooting When They are Crying

When they are crying, we will stop shooting unconsciously, that is because On the one hand we want to comfort the kids first, and on the other hand we think photos are always about having a good time. However, crying is also the real child, take a picture, do not put down the camera.

crying girl


Above are 10 tips to photograph children, thanks for reading! If you want more tutorials of Fotosifter, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.


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