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My Story with Cgaga Fotosifter

  • User Sarah Lakely contributed on September 3, 2020 to Fotosifter

Two boys were standing under a sun umbrella on the beach

As a middle school teacher and a 3 children's mom, I take hundreds and thousands of photos every month, and besides, I collect interesting images and take screenshot pictures, using my camera, smart phones (I’ve got two cellphones: an iPhone 11 pro Max and a Samsung Galaxy S10), Mac applications (e.g. Macintosh built-in App Photo Booth and its screen capture keyboard shortcut “Shift + Command + 4”), windows PC software (e.g. WeChat and QQ screenshot keyboard shortcut, Meitu, Photoshop, etc.).

It’s such a daunting personal task to sort, manage and edit 'endless (my husband's word)' of my photos, pictures and images. For many a time, I just give up at the very beginning of my monthly or quarterly “device cleaning season”. Basically, I was already there, sitting in front of my computer, but then gave a heavy sigh and opened HBO. Sorting photo is so hard, until I stumbled into a software retailer’s website (www.c-gaga.com) and met its product Fotosifter.

Easy and smart photo organizing and editing software for everyone!

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit

Fotosifter is quite handy. The downloading and installation process goes pretty fast after I updated my older version to its newest version 2.5.0. When the installation completed, open it and I see the software user interface, which is simple and clear. Then I can choose to have a full scan or to import pictures from a certain place on my computer or a certain device.

Fotosifter is more than just a photo sorter. Except for photo organizing, it also performs making photo slideshow, photo printing, photo exporting, photo sharing really well. I've already made a dozen of photo slideshows with it in the last month. Thanks to Cgaga Fotosifter, which makes my visual content managing time much easier!

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