7 iPhone Camera Settings you Should Know about

Daisy Dai | Oct 15, 20


Do you like to take pictures? So have you fully mastered the iPhone's camera features? Nowadays, mobile phone cameras are becoming more and more powerful, and the photos taken can even be comparable to professional cameras, provided you know how to take photos and camera functions, which will help you take more perfect photos, this article will introduce you to some iPhone camera functions, let's see which ones you still haven't mastered.
Gary Zeng | Oct 15, 20
Food Photography Tips For Beginners
Food photography is a branch of still life photography, in which you can create many different photographs. One of the biggest temptations is that you can enjoy the food while filming. Many of us love to bring our camera with us when we eat out to record the food in the restaurant. Here are 10 food photography tips to make your food more visually appealing.
Daisy Dai | Oct 13, 20
How to Choose the Right Camera for Beginners?
When many beginners are just starting out with photography, the primary question is what kind of camera to buy and what camera works well. They usually search the internet to compare the performance of cameras from different manufacturers, or ask for advice from others, but it's always hard to choose. For beginners, what is the right camera for them? Let's have a serious discussion about this today.
Daisy Dai | Sep 29, 20
15 New Features of iOS 14

There are many people who can't wait to update their iOS since its release, but there are some who are hesitant to do so, worrying that the new system is unstable, too complicated, and affects the speed of their phones. this article will share with you some of the new features that iOS 14 brings to us, and see if there are any features that make you excited so you can determine if you need to upgrade your system.

Gary Zeng | Sep 09, 20
Beginner's portrait photography tips-Headshot
What makes a good headshot photograph? We prepared this headshot photography tips serie to help you promote the skill. This article is the first part, hope you'll like it.
Gary Zeng | Jul 11, 20
Utilize the photo selection feature of Fotosifter

Speaking of Fotosifter, the majority of our current users know that it's a smart picture sorter, organizer, handy image enhancer as well as slideshow maker. Indeed, these are the core functions of Fotosifter. Well, besides these major functions, Fotosifter has more to offer. One of the features is photo selection. Yep. Fotosifter also serves to be a smart image recommender or to say smart ima

Gary Zeng | Jun 26, 20
Things you need to know about customized photo sorting
Speaking of sorting photos, quite many folks may associate it with arranging digital photos by time or by place in their minds. This is the very basic concept of photo sorting. Nowadays, it's no longer that easy to organize thousands and even millions of photos with that monotone sorting way. More often, many people, especially lovers of digital travel, digital devices, photography and photo slideshows, manage their photos and pictures with customized sorting methods which serve to be a huge time saver.