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The 8 Best Movies to Watch on Christmas

Christmas is coming soon, and the festive atmosphere is getting stronger. Watching classic Christmas movies is one of the traditions of Christmas. This article summarizes some classic Christmas-related movies for everyone. Many of them are family Christmas movies that are worth watching every year. Watching with your family at Christmas will make the Christmas atmosphere more intense! Remember to bring a glass of mulled wine when watching a movie!

1. Love actually

Every Christmas, someone relives the movie "Love Actually." This is a classic of 10 love stories, in which characters of different ages, states and positions "embrace" their love on the special day of Christmas. The film has love, tears, more warm in the winter of every viewer. Every time you watch it, you will experience something new. Childhood friends, foreign love, midlife crisis, extramarital affairs, secret crush... Relationships of all shapes and sizes are on display in this star-studded movie, which can both heal you when you're alone and sweeten you when you already have a partner.

The most warm and moving Christmas movie is none other than this "Love Actually". It has become one of the must-see movies for Western families at Christmas, and many TV stations choose to broadcast this movie on a loop throughout the day.
Love actually

2. Home Alone

The first part of the "Home Alone" series was released in 1990. The story tells that the annual Christmas is here again. The whole family is busy going out to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Unexpectedly, they make mistakes. The youngest member of the family, 8-year-old Kevin, is left at home. At the same time, two thieves who just came out of prison set their sights on Kevin's house, which triggered a dramatic story of Kevin and the dumb thieves fighting wits and courage. In the second part, there are not only stories about children and thieves, but also Christmas scenes in the dream city of New York.

This series is presented to the audience is very classic American comedy. Such a cheerful movie is very suitable for watching the whole family together.

Home Alone

3. The Polar Express

What is the easiest way to ruin a child's childhood? Tell him that Santa Claus is fake!

"The Polar Express" tells the story of a little boy always firmly believed in Santa Claus, but around adults and playmates think it's just naive wishful thinking. On Christmas Eve, a train stopped in front of his house, and the kind captain invited him to a Christmas party in the North Pole. The excited little boy started his North Pole carnival journey...

It seems that after becoming adults, it is difficult for us to believe in those sweet and innocent fairy tales. But fortunately, there is the Polar Express to reward those children still believe in Christmas fairy tale.

“Miracles happen to those who believe in them”

The Polar Express

4. Christmas Legend

We all celebrate Christmas, but do you all know the story of Santa Claus?

An extremely pure Christmas movie, the background is white and beautiful polar regions, the protagonist is a pure person, the whole film is filled with the purest love. Nicholas, the only Santa Claus in the world, has a legendary life from orphan to apprentice to Santa Claus.

"Christmas Legend" adds a lot of charm to the film through the delicate, peaceful and warm atmosphere, coupled with the beautiful snow scenes in the old Finnish small town. There is no extravagant language, no breathtaking scenes, no thrilling heartbeat, no deep and incomprehensible truth, but you can feel the great warmth in the ordinary, and the brilliance of humanity can be bloomed in the details.

Christmas Legend

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5. Arthur Christmas

The film tells the story of Santa’s youngest son, Arthur, who embarked on a funny and exciting emergency delivery mission because Santa Claus carelessly missed a gift. In order to deliver the gift before dawn. This made myself tired and half to death, but made the children ecstatic, and finally won the animation of laughter in the world. It not only advocates selfless dedication to children and festivals, but also has a pure and kind childlike heart, and is full of high-tech imagination with whimsical ideas. , Very funny, very inspirational, very touching, and inspiring.

The film is warm and beautiful without losing its connotation, laughter and tears are everywhere, it is very suitable for watching at Christmas.

Arthur Christmas

6. Miracle on 34th Street

There are always miracles in the Christmas story, and this story should be one of the most famous.

Susan's mother Darius is always busy and has no time to accompany her. Even on Thanksgiving, she is still organizing the joyous parade. But an accident happened. The old man who played Santa Claus in the parade was drunk before the parade. So Darius looked for a kind-looking old man to replace him temporarily, but to her surprise, the man insisted after the parade that he was Santa. Darius and her daughter thought the old man had some mental problems, but in an accident, Susan discovered that the old man was really different...

Miracle on 34th Street

7. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

Charlie's family is poor, and the family lives in a crumbling dilapidated house, but they value each other. There is one of the largest chocolate factories in the world, but for 15 years, the doors have been locked. On this day, Mr. Willy Wonka, the operator of the chocolate factory, posted a notice saying that whoever draws the gold coupons (5 in total) hidden in the chocolate will have the opportunity to visit the factory. In the end, the five children and their parents, including Charlie, embarked on a fantasy trip to the chocolate factory.

The film has a lot of educational significance and is very suitable for parents and children to watch together.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

8. Elf

He was actually a kid adopted by Santa Claus. He is really a lucky kid.

"Elf" is a family comedy film released by New Line Film Company, directed by Jon Feiru, starring Will Farrell, James Kane, Edward Asner and others. The film tells the story of Santa Claus giving gifts to the children in the orphanage, and the little naughty "Buddy" was carried back to the North Pole by Santa Claus. After adapting to the life of the elves in the North Pole, he returned to New York to find his roots. On November 7, 2003, the film was released in the United States.



I hope these warm and interesting Christmas movies can warm you up throughout the winter. Of course, in addition to these classic movies, there are many excellent and good movies waiting for you to watch. I hope everyone can spend a perfect holiday.

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