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Family Photo Ideas

There are no too many things more fun and exciting than planning a family photo. Choosing costumes, locations, themes, props... All these little details will make your family photos stand out. Are you ready to have a family portrait? Have you thought about the pose and composition of your photos? Have you decided how to manage the photos? Check out these family photo ideas for inspiration for your next family shoot!

Family Portrait Poses

Hug each other

This is a stick figure of a daughter and a son hugging their mother and father

A close family hug is very warm, cheek to cheek heart to heart. If you have children, carry them on your shoulders.

Overlap together

girl lying on the mother lying on the father lying on the ground

In this posture, the kids must be very happy

Lie down and rest your chin on your hand

lie down and rest your chin on your hand

It's more natural to look at the camera while lying down

Sit together

families sit together

The family sat together, snuggled up to each other

Hold the child

girl sit in dad's arm and he and mom is holding a boy's hands

Sitting on dad's shoulders, comfortable and secure

Leaning against each other

families leaning against each other on the sofa

The most common place to take a picture is on your sofa

Manage Family Photo and Share

How To Manage Family History Photo Collection? After taking a lot of family photos, if you don't want your memory card or hard drive to fill up, you'll often have to spend a lot of time sorting and sorting your photos. Moreover, if some family members have individual photos, the number of family members or the number of scenes is relatively large, it will be more troublesome to sort out the photos.

family travel photo

In order to increase the efficiency when manage family photos, own a digital family photo organizer is necessary. 

This family photo organizer should have face recognition to distinguish between different family members, and integrated family photo editor features to make it easier to edit photos when they are not satisfactory. It would be great if when you're done you can make a slide show video and share it on YouTube or other social media.

family photo

In fact, Fotosifter is such a great family photo manage software.

Sort photos by face recognition? No problem, and you can even remove duplicates or sort photos by time and location, in one click. For details about face recognition and photo sorting feature please check this article.

Fotosifter auto sort

Edit photos? A piece of cake. Filter, red eye remove, blur correction, white balance adjust, HSL adjust and vignette adjust... For details about photo editing feature please check this article.

enter photo edit mode

Make slideshow and share? Okay, Fotosifter has 100+ transition effects, text templates and musics, you can share and export to your YouTube channel or other family members. For details about slideshow feature please check this article.

apply transition effects to photo slideshow

Easy and smart photo organizing and editing software for everyone!

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit


Above are Family Photo Ideas, thanks for reading! If you want more tutorials of Fotosifter, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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