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Halloween Photography Ideas

Halloween is coming up in a few days, I wonder if you will hang out at night? The subject of Halloween is very rich, jack-o '-lanterns, costumes, children and so on, they are all about color and fun, and composition is important when shooting these scenes amid chaos!


It is said in this day, the spirits of the deceased will return to the former residence in the search for living creatures, to regenerate, and this is the only hope that people can get regeneration after death.

And the living people are afraid of the dead ghost to seize life, so people on this day put out the fire, candlelight, so that the dead ghost can not find the living, and dressed themselves as demons and ghosts to scare away the dead ghost.

Three dogs dressed as ghosts in white cloth stand behind a jack-o '-lantern in the grass

Although it is a ghost’s festival, but now many people have seen Halloween as a masquerade party, so Halloween makeup and photo is also a necessary process! Many photographers seem to be keen on dressing up as a camera.

Canon, Nikon, Polaroid, and even the classic Kodak Brownie! These costumes are more in keeping with the idea of a photo-loving friend than a traditional Halloween costume!

people dressing like camera

Halloween Photography Ideas

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is the most basic and useful photographic composition, and Halloween is no exception.Although composition is important, you should know that no rule is universal. If you have a better way to shoot a scene, don't limit yourself to existing rules!

rule of thirds

Find the Focus

When you take a picture, there is a subject in the picture, but why do you take this picture? Does the focus of the photo capture the viewer's interest?

pumpking held by a girl in the forest

Fill Your Viewfinder

Halloween is a dramatic holiday. To capture those dramas, you can draw closer than usual and even let the subject fill your frame.Whether the subject is a person or object, getting closer often adds visual impact to your work.

A jack-o '-lantern with a sly smile

Look for Fresh Perspectives

The most popular Halloween creations are pumpkins, pumpkins and pumpkins. If you don't want your creations to be full of pumpkins, you need to find a fresh perspective.

In front of the moon, a cat was sitting on a branch

Attentive to Details

Halloween scene is very rich, but also easy to distract you from the point, this time you should pay attention to observe, calm down!The little details are also worth photographing: the holiday decorations, the pumpkin carving, the costumes, the kids sleeping at the end of the party, the people getting ready for the party, the special food...

Halloween candy

Tips for low-light shooting

Halloween celebrations are usually at night, when the light will be very poor, so always pay attention to the light source when shooting.

Backlight shooting to highlight the silhouette of the characters, but can better highlight the Halloween atmosphere, is a good choice.

Two ghosts carrying lamps in the dark corridor

Try to avoid using the flash, but the camera Settings also need to be changed when the flash is off:

  1.  Increase the ISO setting - the higher the ISO, the clearer the image will be, but as the ISO increases, so will the image noise. So the sensitivity to increase a moderate side of the noise.
  2. Slow shutter speed - To increase light access to the sensor, slow shutter speed is also an option, but slow shutter speed requires a steady shot, or you can easily get a blurry image. This will require arm strength or a tripod. 
  3. Use a larger aperture - the larger the aperture, the brighter the image will be, because more light will come in when the aperture is larger! The F1.4 lens is more suitable for low-light shooting than the F4 lens.

Choose the right tone

Since Halloween colors will belong to the weird style, red, green, blue are good choices. Dark surroundings with eerie colors, Halloween atmosphere immediately highlighted. To create a Halloween atmosphere, you can use Fotosifter to change the tone as well.

The castle with the weird blue light

Color your Halloween photos with Fotosifter!

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit


Above are Halloween Photography Ideas, thanks for reading! If you want more tutorials of Fotosifter, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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