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7 iPhone Camera Settings you Should Know about

Do you like to take pictures? So have you fully mastered the iPhone's camera features? Nowadays, mobile phone cameras are becoming more and more powerful, and the photos taken can even be comparable to professional cameras, provided you know how to take photos and camera functions, which will help you take more perfect photos, this article will introduce you to some iPhone camera functions, let's see which ones you still haven't mastered.

1. Preserve Settings

Do you have a favorite filter or camera mode? If so, it's frustrating having to reselect the camera app every time you open it.You can use the iPhone's reserved settings feature.

Please open "Settings" and select "Camera" > "Preserve Settings". You have three options to choose from Camera Mode (e.g., Video or Square), Filter and Live Photo.

Preserve Settings

2. Camera Grid

Most people who enjoy photography are familiar with the rule of thirds. It's one of the basic rules you should follow when taking photos.

In short, you should place the subject of a shot on one of the four intersecting lines of a 3×3 grid. However, in order to take full advantage of the rule, you need to enable the on-screen grid in order to view the four intersections. Gridlines can also be used for other composition issues, such as keeping the horizon level or making sure walls and buildings are precisely at 90 degrees.

Camera Grid

3. Focus & Exposure

If you want to improve the quality of your photos, you need to start experimenting with focus and exposure. By understanding how these two functions work, you'll be able to take more professional looking photos. Simply put, the exposure determines the brightness of the image, while the focus determines the sharpness of the photo.

On the iPhone's camera, you can lock both values manually. This means you can customize the lens more effectively.

To manually lock focus and exposure, open the Camera app, then tap and hold the photo in focus. After a few seconds, you'll see the AE / AF lock banner pop up at the top of the screen.

Focus & Exposure

4. iPhone Camera Timer

A timer is one of the most commonly used camera Settings for front-facing shots. If you love taking selfies, then it is the perfect tool for you. You can place your phone in a certain position, with the camera pointing at the person, and the timer only kicks in when you press the shutter button, leaving your hands free to pose as you like.

To use the timer, click the stopwatch icon in the top bar of the camera window. You can select a 3-second or 10-second timer.

iPhone Camera Timer

5. Turn off the Camera Shutter Sound

There is usually a shutter sound when taking pictures and most people don't like it, especially in public. It's as if it's telling everyone, "I'm taking a picture."

Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently turn off the shutter sound. However, you have two ways to prevent the sound. You can use the mute switch on the side of the device, or you can use the volume buttons to turn off the volume completely. If you use the latter, you will need to do this before opening the camera app, as the volume buttons will take photos in the camera.

  • Note:

    Some countries/regions, such as Japan and Korea, do not allow you to mute this noise. In those areas, following these instructions will have no effect.

6. Change Exposure

Previously, we explained that exposure affects the brightness of an image. But how do you change the exposure?

It's pretty simple. First, open the Camera app and tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the focus.In addition to the focus, you will also see the sun icon. Click and hold on the icon, then swipe up and down to adjust the offset as needed.

Change Exposure

7. Location Services

Are you a traveler? If so, you will find it useful to enable geolocation on your photos. You'll still be able to know exactly where a particular photo came from years later.

To turn on geotagging on your iPhone you need to go to the privacy menu. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Camera and select Use app.

  • Note:

    You can turn this feature on and off at your leisure without affecting photos that already have location data on your phone.


I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you buy a dual or triple camera iPhone, there will be more advanced features waiting for you to discover.

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