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Beginner's Portrait Photography Tips—Headshot

What makes a good headshot photograph? We prepared this headshot photography tips serie to help you promote the skill. This article is the first part, hope you'll like it.

To take a portrait photo, there are always some small problems occur, like red eye, eyes defocus, or chromatic aberration. Then how to make a good photograph? What makes a good portrait photograph? Here we prepared you these tips, hope you can get some help from it.

Beginners headshot photography tips

Capture a clear face

The primary condition of headshot photography is to take a clear photo of the character’s face, while a saying says The eyes are the Windows of the soul. A pair of bright eyes on the photo is very charming, but when we actually shooting, there's always a problem with the details of the people's eyes. Let’s take this picture as a example.

a headshot photo sample

This is a street shot, there is no tripod or any other stability assistant equipment been used. After shooting, by a quick glance, you might not find anything is wrong here, but when you export it to your computer and zoom in, the blur of the eye stands out, it totally disturbed the whole impression of the photo.

zoom in the photo you can see a blur eye

To avoid this kind of problem, capture a pair of clear eyes, one of the solutions is to turn on your camera’s eye controlled focus. This technique make your camera focus character’s eyes automatically, which is convenient.

Another way is to use a portable stabilizer equipment to avoid problems brought by camera shake. A stabilizer device is easy to buy on Amazon, eBay, Wish or AliExpress. But a nice portable stability device may cost you dozens dollars.

shoot with a portable stabilizer

However, if you prefer light packs, or there are a red eye problem on your photo, a portable stability device is definitely not enough. Now you need a PS like software to enhance your photo.

I’d like to recommend you Fotosifter. Whatever your picture is blur or red eye, she can easily handle. What’s more, after the optimize, she can help you sort photos intelligently.

before remove the red eye of a headshot
after removed the red eye of a headshot with fotosifter

Fotosifter, Optimize your selfie easily!

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit

Beautify Skin

Shoot a clear portrait is the first step, we still need some more methods to optimize our photos. Such as skin beautifying.

An easy way to beautify skin is turn on the skin beautifying function of your camera. But some cameras have no such function, so we need to enhance photos manually.

The fist step is to check whether your photo is too dark, a dark picture makes skin looks dark. If so, you should increase the exposure to light up your image.

before and after skin beautifying

Then, check if there are any more skin problems. If you want to remove any defects like blur, scar or acne, use a software to make a correction.

Choose Proper Angle

High-angle shot make the model’s face look exquisite, but it makes the leg of model looks short at the same time, while the low-angle shot are on the contrary.

difference of low angle and high angle shot

Make Your Photo Nature

Low down the saturation

If the photo is too dark, first you need to increase some exposure to make it brighter. Another advantage to increase some exposure is you can get a fair skin. Then, lower saturation, make the picture distinctive

Before and after desaturation

Adjust white balance

Different white balance gives people different feelings. Generally, a warm hue makes us feel happy and positive, while a cold hue feels silent and peace.

different hue shows different feeling


These are the first part of headshot photography tips, to shoot a nice portrait, you have to memorize the tips above. Practice makes perfect, practice more, you can take better portraits.

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