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Should I Buy iPhone 11 or Wait for iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12Pro are now available for pre-order, but many users have watched the conference and expressed disappointment that some of the expected features have not been implemented. For some Apple fans, neither the iPhone 12 nor the iPhone 12Pro is worth the wait, and it's better to buy the iPhone 11. Gathered below are some of the 6 main reasons why the iPhone 12 is not worth waiting for, let's take a look together.

Is iPhone 12 worth waiting for?

1. No longer includes a power adapter or EarPods

Apple claims that it's trying to save the environment, so it's reducing the iPhone 12 series power adapter and EarPods, but it's actually to save money. Therefore users need to spend more money to buy accessories from the official website, and as we all know iPhone accessories are not cheap. 

Most users are currently using 5W chargers, and to enjoy fast charging you need to buy a 20W USB-C charger. Apple's approach imposes costs on consumers and puts them off.

No longer includes a power adapter or EarPods

2. Battery capacity reduction

From the data given on the website, the iPhone 12Pro battery capacity is reduced, hence the drop in battery life. Even in the video playback endurance test, the iPhone 12Pro lasted an hour less than the iPhone 11Pro. The battery capacity of the iPhone 12Pro has also been revealed to be around 2775 mAh, which is not even as much as the iPhone 11 that was released last year.Nowadays, Android phones have a battery capacity of over 4000 mAh, while the iPhone 12Pro has a battery capacity of less than 3000 mAh.

The new 5G module and OLED panel are more power-hungry, but the battery capacity has shrunk instead of increasing, so it's no wonder the battery life has decreased.

Battery capacity reduction

3. No Touch ID

Since Apple did away with Touch ID, many Apple fans held on to their old models until the new iPhone SE was released and then opted to switch. The iPhone 12's Face ID technology is actually very mature, but wearing a mask to unlock it is very inconvenient, especially during an epidemic. So many Apple fans still want to have Touch ID, it will be more convenient to wear a mask to unlock.

Face ID

4. Special-shaped full screen design

Since the screen shape of the iPhone's previous screen caused strong resentment among users, many Apple fans thought it would change before the iPhone 12 was released. The main reason was that the notched screen was unattractive and affected the user experience. But now it seems that nothing has changed.

Special-shaped full screen design

5. Blocky Design

Apple has been using 2.5D curved bezels since the iPhone 6. I'm sure many Apple fans have gotten used to the feel of it. But this year, the iPhone 12 opted to return to the classic aluminum edges, which is pretty good as far as the design goes. But the iPhone 12 Pro has a 6.1-inch screen, and if you still have this blocky design, the bezels will be very sharp, and in terms of feel, not at all as good as the iPhone 11.

Blocky Design

6. Price

The iPhone 12Pro is priced from $999, while the iPhone 12 is priced from $799. The iPhone 12Pro is an iPhone 11Pro upgrade with no accessories, while the iPhone 12 is an iPhone 11 upgrade with no accessories and $200 more. Does this make it seem like the iPhone 12 series price isn't really that friendly.


The iPhone 12 series has more changes in terms of details, but not much in terms of core features. Now that 5G networks aren't completely widespread, 4G phones are perfectly adequate, and the iPhone 11 is priced lower and has every aspect of the iPhone 11 to meet demand, will more people go for the iPhone 12 in this situation?

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