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Export anytime, anywhere

Fotosifter has got multiple exporting portals in itself: the left toolbar, the top toolbar, the right-click pop-up menu, photo-editing mode, slideshow editing mode, list-view mode, thumbnail-view mode., etc. You can find the export portal everywhere. 

When you finish editing a photo, you can export it immediately. When you are viewing photos, you can also choose the ones you want to save or upload and export them instantly. 

Export anytime, anywhere

Export a single photo, or a group of pictures

Fotosifter's exporting function is flexible. You can export one single photo or multiple photos or a folder. 

Also, there are many ways to export a group of photos: press "Control" key (Ctrl) and click to choose photos from thumbnails, click and drag the cursory to choose thumbnails, right click a folder classified out in the left toolbar and click 'Export', etc.

Export photos

Export, Save, and Share Photo Slideshow Video

After making a photo slideshow video, you can export and save the video to local, including your computer or other storage devices, or upload and share the video directly on SNS platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. 

Start to share your life moments today!

Export and share slideshow video

Format Converting

Format converting is yet another useful sub feature embedded in Exporting feature. 

With this function, you can convert other image format into either JPG or PNG format. In the near future, there will be more formats available for converting.

format converting

A Full Range of Export Setting Options

Before the final step of exporting, you can set your own export options. Fotosifter provides you with a wide range of options for a better customization. 

You can define where your photos or videos will be saved, and assign a new sub folder. 
You can sign in Facebook and YouTube right from our software interface. 
You can choose the video format for your photo slideshow. 
You can define the resolution of your slideshow video. 
You can add title, tags, and description for your video directly in the software. 
You can even set the visibility of your video to be presenting on SNS platforms.
export settings and options

File Property Preview Before Exporting

After setting all the options, Fotosifter shows you the basic properties of the files to be exported, such as the assumed file size, video length, etc.

preview file properties

Extra Bonus Features

What's more, we've built in extra bonus features in Fotosifter. 

Picture printing enables you to print out photos on a real paper; 

Cloud sync enables you to upload your photos and slideshow videos on your own cloud spaces.
print photos and sync to clouds
  • How to Export Photos and Slideshow Videos  

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Export a single picture

Export a single picture  

If you just have finished editing a photo and are still in the edit mode, click the green "Export" button at the top right corner. 

If you have exited the edit mode, select the single picture from either the thumbnail preview list or the left toolbar. Then, right click to draw out the menu. 

Click "Export" to export the chosen picture. You can also click the green "Export" button at the top right corner instead of using the right-click menu. 

Remember, choose "Photos" in the popup window. Then click "Export" at the right bottom corner to finish.

Export a group of pictures

Export a group of pictures  

You can select a group of photos from the left toolbar. These groups of pictures are the sorted out ones. Then, right click to draw out the menu. Click "Export" to export the group of pictures. You can also directly click the green "Export" button at the top right corner. 

If you are in the thumbnail view mode, there are 2 ways to select multiple images: 

a) Press the control key (Ctrl) and click the desired photos at the same time; 

b) Drag the mouse cursor and encircle the desired pictures. 

After doing this, operate the same export actions as above.

Export a slideshow video

Export a slideshow video  

After you finish making a photo slideshow video in slideshow edit mode, click the green "Export" button at the top right corner. You will be lead to a popup window. Similar to photo exporting, remember to choose "Videos" from the top-bar tabs in the popup window. 

Having done this, set the related parameters, and then click "Export" at the right bottom corner to finish.

Upload and share to SNS platforms

Upload and share to SNS platforms  

In the popup window, click either the "Photos" or the "Videos" tab, you'll see SNS platforms at the left menu.Currently, we've built Facebook upload channel into "Photos" and YouTube sharing channel into "Videos".Select either tab and click either Facebook or YouTube. 

Then, log in your account by clicking the "Sign in" button. You can check the box before "Also save to" to choose whether to save the files at local while sharing to SNS at the same time. 

For slideshow, you can define a resolution of your video. Also, remember to add a title and description, and set the video visibility before you click export to upload and share. 

export settings

Set the parameters  

You are free to customize export settings in Fotosifter. It's presented in the same popup window mentioned prior. We've packed it with a wide range of options: 

File formats (JPG and PNG for images; MP4 and M4V for videos); 

Storage path (i.e. save location); 

Whether or not to create a new folder for the files to be exported; 

Video encoder; 

Frame rate; 


Audio coding type; 


You can also preview some file information such as file size, video length, file name (with extension) in the export setting window.

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