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What is the difference between the trial version and paid version of Fotosifter?

The unlicensed version of Fotosifter contains all of the same functions as what the activated version possesses. The only difference is that the pictures and videos to be exported in the unlicensed version will be watermarked (for slideshow videos) and limited in amount (for photos).Please check the detailed elaboration below.

1. The picture below shows the pop-up hint you will meet when you are exporting pictures in unlicensed version.

As shown in the picture, unlicensed version allows users to export with a maximum of 50 pictures in total.

export limit of unlicensed version

2. If you are not troubled by this number limit, you can choose export pictures in batches, each time exporting 100 pictures.

Notwithstanding, You are recommended to activate the unlicensed version because as long as you purchased the license and unlock the full version, you are free from any limitations.

3. The below shows the button you can click to activate.

stpes to export photos

Is it free to upgrade to Fotosifter from an older version?

There are various ways to activate and several buttons in the program that you can to click to activate. The detailed ways and steps are shown below.

Way 1: Manual Activation

Step 1. Open Fotosifter and click “Help” on the top menu bar to draw out the options.

activate Fotosifter step 1

Step 2. Click the “Online Activation” option in the drop down list. Then, you will be presented with a pop-up window.

activate Fotosifter step 2

Step 3. Type in your email address and the activation code (i.e. license code). Then you may notice that the “Activate” button turns into color green from gray. Click the green “Activate” button to complete the activation. 

activate Fotosifter step 3

Warm reminder: Please make sure that you type in the correct email address.

Way 2: Activate from Other Places

Situation 1. Activate from the launch. Upon launching Fotosifter, you’ll get the hint as the following picture shows. You can type in the email address and activation code (i.e. license code). Then click “Activation”.

activate Fotosifter alternative way 1

Situation 2. Activate from the exporting interface. If you are using the unlicensed free trial version of Fotosifter to export photos, you’ll get a pop-up hint to advise you to activate the program. Click the “Activate” button to activate the software.

activate Fotosifter alternative way 2

How to activate Fotosifter?

Each Fotosifter license key is available for up to five computers, so if you have another computer, you can still activate it following the activation steps explained in the above question. If you have formatted your computer, you can also follow the activation guide to reactivate it.

What should I do if I typed a wrong email address, or I want to change my email?

Not at all. Convenience is what Fotosifter always tries to bring to users. You only need to input your email address and the activation code to register. There’s no need to register an account with a password.

How to get and launch Fotosifter on my computer?

Currently our users cannot change the email used for purchase by themselves. If you typed in a wrong email at the very beginning during purchase or you want to change the email address, please reach our support team so they can continue to help troubleshoot this issue for you. There are 3 ways to reach our support team: 1) email to; 2) click to open the chat bubble at the right-bottom corner; 3) contact us through the contact form on the website.

How to reactivate Fotosifter after I change or format my computer?

Basically, there are 3 steps: 1.Download;2.Install;3.Run.Check the following elaboration for details.

Step 1. Download Fotosifter from our website. You can click any buttons which are named either "Free Download" or "Try It Free" to start downloading directly.

Fotosifter free download button screenshot
Fotosifter try-it-free button screenshot

Step 2. When completing the download, double click the Installation package to starting Installation.

Fotosifter package icon
Install Fotosifter

Step 3. Click the "Run" button in the final window, or close the window and click the shortcut icon of Fotosifter to launch it. Done!

What to do if the installation process was stuck at 0%?

If the installation was stuck at the very beginning, you can try the following method to see if this issue can be solved.

Method 1. Check whether the anti-virus programs on your computer have blocked the installation. If any, turn off the an-virus programs (e.g. McAfee), then install Fotosifter again and check if it works.

Method 2. Check whether the Ransomware Protection setting on your Windows 10 has blocked the installation. Win10 Ransomware project can prevent some of the programs on your computer from installing categories to the Documents folder. This may cause the installation failure as well as the project-saving failure. 

The steps shown underneath can help you disable Ransomware project:

Step 1. Use Win10 Cortana Search and input “Windows Defender Security Center“, find it and click to open.

open windows defender

Step 2. In the interface of Windows Defender Security Center, select Virus&threat protection.

Windows virus and threat protection

Step 3. "Ransomware protection" is at the lower place.

Windows ransomware protection

Step 4. Click to turn it off. Then, install Fotosifter again.

turn off ransomware

How to upgrade Fotosifter?

By several mouse clicks, you can upgrade Fotosifter. There are 2 ways to do it.

Way 1. Auto Update.

If your program is not the latest version and you’ve enabled auto update in the settings, then, upon launching, Fotosifter starts to update to the newest version automatically. You can check or uncheck the auto update option according to your needs.

auto update Fotosifter

Way 2. Manual Update. 

Step 1. Click “Help” on the top menu bar to draw out the sub-options.

Manually Update Fotosifter step 1

Step 2. Click the “Check Update” option in the drop down list to start updating.

Manually Update Fotosifter step 2

Must I register an account with password to activate Fotosifter?

Yes. You can upgrade to higher versions of Fotosifter for free.

How to edit pictures in Fotosifter?

Firstly, you need to enter the edit mode to modify photos and pictures.There are two ways entering the edit mode. Please check the following guides.

Way 1. Click to select a picture in thumbnail mode. Then, click the “Edit” icon on the top tool bar. Now, you can modify the picture.

Enter Picture Edit Mode in Fotosifter Way 1

Way 2. Double click (left) the image which you want to edit, and you'll enter the picture edit mode subsequently.

Enter Picture Edit Mode in Fotosifter Way 2

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